The Squid Game could be the most watched series in Netflix history

The world record-breaking series ‘Squid Game’ could become the most watched series in the platform's history and dethrone the fictions that occupy the top positions.

The Squid Game could be the most watched series in Netflix history
Netflix claims that 'Squid Game' could be the most watched series in the world

In 90 countries, the series managed to position itself in the number 1 position just ten days after its premiere.

According to the measurement systems of the Netflix platform, Squid Game "is number one in the world, everywhere in the world"

The South Korean series "Squid Game" in Latin America, has become a worldwide phenomenon seen in all parts of the world from the Netflix video platform who, according to its CEO department (in charge of positioning) It has ranked as the most viewed in the entire world.

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"There is a show on Netflix right now that is number one in the world, everywhere in the world," said Ted Sarandos, Netflix co-CEO and head of content, during Media 2021 conference.

The storyline of the series proposes a new level of the phrase "the winner takes it all" because, within the game, the participants risk their own lives through childhood games taken to the extreme where the last survivor will take the $ 38.6 billion dollars.

"Squid Game is definitely our biggest other language show in the world, hands down. It's only been out 9 days and there's a good chance it's our biggest show," said Ted Sarandos.

In order to be among the most viewed, this production directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk (which took ten years to get his project to see the light of day) must surpass the views of the following series: the aforementioned Bridgerton, with 625 million hours in its first season and part four of La Casa de Papel -which holds the second place- with 619 million hours.

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It is followed by the third season of Stranger Things with 582 million, the first installment of The Witcher with 541 million, the drama 13 Reasons Why -which its second season reached 496 million and the first season 476 million-, the second season of You with 476 million, the second season of Stranger Things that had 427 million, the third part of La Casa de Papel with 426 million hours and Ginny & Georgia with 381 million in its first installment of episodes to close the ten most viewed.