Free Fire MAX Now available for Android and iPhone check out update

Free Fire MAX Now available for Android and iPhone

Free Fire Max is now out on Android and iPhone worldwide


Free Fire Max Now available for download on Android and iPhone

‘Free Fire’ players can now open app stores from Google Play Store and AppStore. The game ‘Free Fire MAX’ is now available for download, starting this Tuesday (28). The game is a standalone app, not an update of what users already know, and promises the same gameplay but with improved specs.

In addition to the specifications, the title also has improved graphics. Soon, the game developed by 111dits Studio and published by Garena will receive the Creation Workshop. It allows you to create your own maps, where players can add buildings, structures and decorations for unique experiences.

Completed, they can be played in both versions of ‘Free Fire’. Another novelty is the Bermuda MAX map, with a redesign for the Clock Tower and Factory areas, adding details to the internal and external structures of the environment.

New Free Fire Update

The new update brings a new mode for the Contra Squad, available in the Custom Room, where it is possible to form teams of up to 6 players. In addition, the mode will receive adjustments to the Bermuda map. Changes were made in the Clock Tower, to better balance the map when teams resurface, and in the city of Mars Electric, where a slight adjustment was made so that the shed is in the center of the map.

Players who play games in this new mode will win the Craft Workshop Card, and whoever secures 30 kills can win a Free Fire MAX themed ice wall.

The Combat Zone on Training Island will have a few less items. The fit is intended to ensure that training is more dynamic for users.

Optimization of Return Points

Interface optimization comes in to ensure that users will be able to see Points of Return being captured on the map, ensuring more accurate information. They will no longer disappear while being captured and players will be able to watch who is capturing due to HUD optimization. The update also features a countdown to the end of Return Points and their cooldown.

What's New in Battle Royale Mode?

The Vending Machine is now available on Airdrop. The new feature allows players to spend their FF Tokens in different places on the map, and can strengthen themselves and raise their teammates.

The update will also bring a change to the gas damage level to ensure that no one can hide in the poison while waiting for other players to be killed. Poison gas damage increases by 10%, and the damage increase for each new area increases by 3%.

Gameplay tweaks

The characters Chrono, Wukong, Andrew and Shiro received upgrades and tweaks to their abilities.

In addition, the Treatment Rifle, SPAS-12, FF Knife, Grenade, P90, AWM, SKS and Vector weapons have been rebalanced.

Firelink Technology

As of the new update, the Firelink technology will also be available, which allows full interoperability between Free Fire MAX and Free Fire.