The New eFootball 2022 received funny memes, are those Messi and Cristiano?

Konami decided to make a resounding change in the historical saga of the soccer simulator. Their new free to play installment promised to be a success, but it did not turn out as the company expected.

The New eFootball 2022 received funny memes
eFootball 22 horrifies fans with player faces & broken crowds

Well, the reactions of the first gamers who have ventured to play the new eFootball 2022 have not been long in coming and the truth is that they have not come out very happy.

One of the aspects that has received the most criticism is the unrealism of the players' faces, sometimes looking like memes. But the programming part has also taken their clubs, referees swimming across the grass, jerseys with mistakes and impossible plays taken from a Marx Brothers movie. Here we leave you with the reactions of the fans to the new eFootball 2022.

The disappointing premiere of eFootball 22: mistakes, memes and the worst rating in the history of video games

A user said Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, only in eFootball 2021 now you understand why they gave it away 

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Far from the expected reception from the community that it generated since the times when it was called Winning Eleven, eFootball 2022 was severely punished on social networks for the numerous bugs and its game mechanics, which many linked to the 2013 edition, such as the unrealism of players' faces.

A user said "Today to my colleague, uncle, for seeing him in the eclipse, which has cost him a fortune, it has happened with the coquita, such as, the gramitos, which has threatened all the Manchester police"

Subtle tribute by Konami to "the uncles of the eclipse" in # eFootball2022 

The criticisms of the players did not have mercy either. The game eFootball 2022 was reviewed this Thursday by more than 5,000 users on Steam, with an "extremely negative" rating. In fact, only 9% of those reviews are positive, a record (for bad).

"Animations at 30 frames, the grass looks like it has been cut into bites, the players feel less physical than the previous one, the defense AI does not even make the hint of intercepting a low pass, but the passes Maradona has to give them to the hole so that they connect with another player, "says one of the many harsh comments about the game.

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Another player, more vehemently, had no qualms about rating Konami's video game: "I don't understand what they tried to do when they were 2 years old to make a decent game, since neither free-to-play nor the demo saves it from mess they made."

A user says with irony in relation to the amount of programming errors that many players exhibited in networks and that are in evidence when playing eFootball 2022: "The bug simulator is fine. Let them know when the PES comes out, so I try it"