How to Play Squid Game in Fortnite, Map Codes and more details

"Fortnite" and "Squid Game", the most popular Netflix series, came together in the new maps of the video game's creative mode. Know the details in the blog.

How to Play Squid Game in Fortnite

The Squid Game comes to Fortnite: how to play it in Creative Mode

Fortnite now has maps that are inspired by The Squid Game

In a few days, Squid Game became the most watched series on Netflix, so their collaborations were not long in coming. Although at the moment it is unofficial, it is already possible to play it on a Fortnite Creative Mode map. Next, we tell you what the d code is.

The fans "Fortnite" and "Squid Game" are very happy since the video game has maps inspired by the most watched series on the streaming platform. To access them, players must enter a certain code.

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How to play The Squid Game in Fortnite

Up to 30 users can play on this map at the same time. It is advisable to participate with a fairly large squad since if you intend to pass all the tests, you will have to survive each one of them. The game will end when only one player is alive.

Fortnite has a creative mode that allows players to create their own island, which can be visited by different users from other parts of the world. Thanks to this feature, fans of the Squid Game series will be able to participate in the most complicated tests, where only one will be victorious. Here the best maps & codes:

Red Light, Green Light

By entering the code "3847-7224-8449," you will be able to experience the characters from the Netflix series. The objective is simple, to reach a goal while the light is green, since when it is in red, everyone must stay still or else they will lose.

Glass Bridge

To visit this map, enter the code "2865-1481-0812" Once inside, you and 16 other players must cross a glass bridge, before time runs out. They will be very careful as some glass breaks easily which means being removed.

Tug of War

The purpose is very simple; two groups of five players will be formed. They should pull the rope to their side as quickly as possible. The losing team will be eliminated. To test this map, use the code 0652-7985-6622.

Sypher's Squid Game

Created by the famous youtuber SypherPK, this map has several minigames from this famous Netflix series. If you want to give it a try, do not hesitate to enter the following code 7268-0342-8131.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is an action game type battle royale for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and iOS and Android devices, by Epic Games with cartoon aesthetics, where the construction of our shelter and manufacturing of items will be vital to stay alive in Save the World mode. In contrast, in Battle Royale mode we must survive in battles for up to 100 players while collecting resources and weapons and building our own defenses.