A unique incident took place in a private University Campus in Lahore

Lahore: Two students abusing each other and the slapping video went viral

A unique incident in Lahore

The occurrence of fights in educational institutions is a moment of reflection because this action of the student organizations would affect the performance of the institution.

A unique incident took place in a private University Campus in Lahore where two university students fight for the sake of a boy. The video of the incident also went viral on social media.

According to details, two female students in a private university in Lahore fight for the sake of a boy.

This is not the first time such incidents have taken place in educational institutions. Videos of such incidents have gone viral on social media before.

In this video which went viral on social media, it is not the boys but the two girls who are cursing each other

And also for the sake of a boy, can be seen in the video there is a girl in a white dress and a black jacket who is saying inappropriate words to her friend.

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The turn of the minor fight reached to the point that the students gathered around and started watching the spectacle.

The incident came to a head on a private university campus.

Unable to control her emotions, the girl said, "You are not ashamed," and slapped him in the face.

After which the other girl immediately stood up and started pushing her.

What happened after the incident, however, was not reported.