PM criticized for sharing photos without giving credit to the photographer

sharing photos without giving credit

Prime Minister Imran Khan is facing criticism for sharing photos of Gilgit-Baltistan on Twitter without giving credit to the photographer.

Pictures of beautiful scenery of Gilgit-Baltistan were shared from Prime Minister Imran Khan's official Twitter account yesterday

At the same time, the caption of the tweet said, "Before the onset of winter, the colors of Gilgit-Baltistan, one of my favorite places on the planet."

The Prime Minister's tweet was well received and was liked and retweeted by a large number of Twitter users.

However, a photographer responded to the Prime Minister's tweet by saying that his picture was not given credit.

Photographer Asmar wrote on Twitter "Thanks for sharing my photo, sir, but it would have been great if the watermark hadn't been cropped and I had been given credit," 

The photographer's tweet sparked a debate among many users over the PM's refusal to give credit to the photos.

A user named Zulfiqar tweeted to report this tweet as it is a violation of the rules. 

Ahmar Rehman wrote that the photographer should be given credit, this is wrong. 

A user named Saad Mohammad asked the photographer which of them was his picture in which he said that the first picture was of him which was not given credit.

A user named Obaidullah wrote that plagiarism is a crime and a serious moral violation. 

A user named Laaleen wrote that this is a violation of intellectual property rights laws by the Prime Minister's Office.

However, on behalf of some Twitter users, Prime Minister Imran Khan did not claim that the photos were his own.

Anas Qureshi, a Twitter handle, said it was probably the fault of the person who provided the photos to the prime minister. 

Larib Ali Magsi said the prime minister did not claim to have taken the pictures himself.  

Remember that the photo criticized by Asmar Photography was shared by him on Instagram in October.

He said in the post that this picture was taken in Wadi Nagar of Gilgit-Baltistan in which a foreign blogger is riding a bike.