I have two wives and I am happy with both; Rahim Pardesi

I am happy with both; Rahim Pardesi

Leading YouTuber, actor, singer and comedian, Rahim Pardesi made an important revelation.

According to the details, Rahim Pardesi has revealed in a vlog that he has two wives.

Rahim Pardesi recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel in which he told his fans and followers that 'he has two wives and he is very happy with both of them and is living a peaceful life. ۔ '

He also said that he is living a happy life with his family.

Rahim Pardesi's second wife's name is Sumia Rahim and she is a doctor by profession.

While his first wife's name is Sameera, he and Sameera also have 3 children.

On the other hand, Rahim Pardesi, referring to two marriages, said that there was no sin in it, the condition of his second marriage was a little different, and he had taken this step out of the ordinary.

He also recently had a photo shoot with his two wives, which is currently upload video on social media.

Rahim Pardesi is also facing criticism from some users on social media after this vlog.

While some social media users say that they have done a good deed by uncovering the secret of their two possibilities.

It should be noted that the vlog created by Rahim Pardesi states that they are not promoting two marriages but they are legal.