Kiya Janat Mirza Waqai 19 Saal ki Hein?

Kiya Janat Mirza Waqai 19 Saal ki Hein?

Yes, in fact, Janat Mirza is 19 years old

Mostly girls hide their age or misrepresent their age “Lekin Jannat Baji ne tw Hadh he Kardi Hai”

A photo of Janat Mirza's ID card is circulating on social media, in which her date of birth is 2001 years. According to this calculation, Janat Mirza is now 19 years old.

After seeing the picture of Janat Mirza's identity card, the users on social media were shocked and then the social media users expressed their views.

Some people commented on Janat Mirza date of birth, and others on her ID card photo.

By the way, the pictures in our ID cards are very useless, Lekin Nadra Walu Hamain Iska Jawab Chaiye Janat Baji ki Kiun Itni Achi Picture Hai ID Card Mai?

- Maybe the ID card maker was her friend.

- No, the ID card maker will be her fan.

- It is possible that NADRA office was also opened by her “Per Nana”

After Janat Mirza's ID card photo Upload; interesting comments from people 

A girl was shocked to see 2001 on her ID card 

By the way, I think there were two tragic incidents in 2001 

One social media user said, "I want to meet this photographer because he takes pictures of us as if we were born in the jungles of Africa. 

A user said that the photographer of Janat Mirza has used a beauty camera 

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