Angelina Jolie Reached Pakistan to Help Flood Victims

Angelina Jolie Reached Pakistan to Help Flood Victims

Angelina Jolie once again reached Pakistan to help the flood victims


Hollywood actress and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Angelina Jolie has arrived in Pakistan once again

The non-governmental organization International Rescue Committee, IRC, had announced on its official Twitter account that Angelina Jolie will soon visit Pakistan to help the flood victims and take steps to solve the problems of the flood victims.

According to the IRC statement, during her visit, Angelina Jolie will observe how countries like Pakistan are paying the highest price for the climate change crisis, for which they are not even responsible.

Angelina Jolie is visiting the flood affected areas of Sindh to review the relief activities. The purpose of her visit is to improve the relief system in the affected areas.

After arriving in Pakistan, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie took an aerial view of the flood-affected areas, Angelina Jolie also used a boat to assess the flood situation, Angelina Jolie spoke to the affected women about their needs and problems.

It should be remembered that Angelina Jolie had earlier reached Pakistan to help earthquake victims in 2005 and flood victims in 2010.

It should be noted that floods caused havoc due to heavy rains in Pakistan, which affected and displaced about 33 million people.