Aliza Sultan Khan accused her ex-husband Feroze Khan

Feroze Khan his wife Aliza Sultan

Aliza Sultan Khan accused Feroze Khan of torture, blackmail and infidelity


Actor Feroze Khan's ex-wife Aliza Sultan Khan says that she decided to separate after psychological and physical violence

In a story on Instagram, Aliza Sultan Khan said that their four-year marriage was was an utter chaos, during this marriage, apart from mental and physical violence, she faced blackmailing, infidelity and disrespect from her husband.

 Aliza Sultan Khan said that after much consideration, she came to the conclusion that she could not spend the rest of her life in this environment. However, after thinking about it, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot spend my whole life in this horrible way.

She said that she decided to separate from Feroze Khan for the better future and welfare of her children. I do not want my children to grow up in this toxic and violent household. I am afraid that the time spent with them will have negative effects on my children's minds.

She further said that I will teach my children that no wound is too deep to heal, No wound is too shameful to hide at the cost of protection.

On the court order, Feroze Khan was allowed to meet his children

In the court of Family Judge Sharqi, a case related to actor Feroze Khan meeting with children was heard.

Petitioner Feroze Khan appeared with his lawyer and SHO Gulistan Johar and Aliza Sultan along with their children appeared in the court.

Feroze Khan rejected all the allegations of his ex-wife, he said that he is paying the children's expenses. The child has been admitted to the school but they are not sending them to the school, it is their right to meet the children and no one can take away this right.

Later, a written order was issued by the court in which it is stated that Aliza Sultan's lawyer has been provided with copies of the application and other documents.

The children have been produced in the court through the SHO and the father of the children has also been met in the court, so the petitioner's request to produce the children through the SHO has become ineffective.

The court disposed of the request to produce the children through the SHO and adjourned the case till October 1 for further hearing.

Remember that Feroze and Aliza got married in 2018, they have two children, a son and a daughter.

In 2020, when the news of separation between Feroze Khan and his wife started circulating on social media, the actor had clearly denied the news.