Vital Signs was a famous Pakistani well-known artist/band

Welcome To The Fasaadi blog, In today's blog we will talk about vital signs band, Vital Signs Was a Famous Pakistani band that produced popular songs like 'Dil Dil Pakistan', 'Aitbaar' and 'Hum Tum' and gained popularity all over the world including Pakistan.

Vital Signs was a famous Pakistani

Vital Signs was a famous Pakistani band who sang 'Dil Dil Pakistan'

Vital Signs was a famous Pakistani band that gained a lot of popularity in its time

This band was formed in 1986 by Peshawar University students Rohail Hyatt and Shahzad Hasan. While the band was not named Vital Signs at that time, and shortly after the band was formed, Nusrat Hussain joined the band as guitarist, soon after Nusrat Hussain, Junaid Jamshed joined the band as lead singer and he was a young engineering student at that time.

At the start, They performed in events and college functions. Due to which these youngster started getting popularity among people, people started liking their songs, In 1987 these youngsters were very popular in college functions and other events.

When people started liking their songs and gaining popularity among the people, these youngsters named their band ‘Vital Signs’ in 1987.

'DIL DIL PAKISTAN' the song that took them to the heights of fame, the video version of this song released in 1987 was a huge hit. After the success of the song 'DIL DIL PAKISTAN', they debut album Vital Signs #1 was released which also achieved success.

After that, Vital Signs released three more albums that gained popularity and success, taking Vital Signs Band to the next level.

After the formation of Famous Pakistani Band Vital Signs, Salman Ahmed, Aamir Zaki and Rizwan-ul-Haq joined as lead guitarists, who also became a part of this band and gained popularity at that time with their magical guitar.

In 1995, Vital Signs released their last album 'Hum Tum' and this was the last song in which the Vital Signs members were seen together for the last time.

After the break up of this band or we can say that after the end of this band all the members of this band enjoyed quite a music career.

Junaid Jamshed, the lead singer of Vital Signs, after the breakup of the band, sang solo for some time, then left the music life and embraced the Islamic life, in which he gained great popularity and recited many famous ‘Naats’ and Shahzad Hasan built his career as a music producer, Rohail Hayat built a production company.