How to view Spotify Wrapped 2021 and share your retrospective

How to view Spotify Wrapped 2021 and share your retrospective

Spotify's Wrapped 2021: Retrospective reveals which artists and songs are most listened to by the user


Spotify's Wrapped 2021 is now available with its in-app year retrospective

Spotify released this Wednesday (1st) the 2021 retrospective. The so-called "Spotify Wrapped" reveals curious data about the use of the music application, such as the number of minutes listened to and the most listened to artists. Among the new features of this year's Spotify retrospective is the option to share your stats on TikTok, in addition to stories from Instagram and Facebook, and the addition of exclusive artist videos to the most played playlist.

As usual, you'll also be able to access your own Retrospective with the most listened to songs, artists and podcasts this year. The listings are generated by the platform's algorithm that analyzes your musical tastes to build a playlist based on your activity, which can be shared with others or via social networks. New this year, the company has added the ability to share its #RetrospectivaSpotify experience on TikTok and has already left the cards in the right formats so the person just has to click the button.

How to view Spotify Wrapped 2021

To access your Retrospective 2021 do the following: access Wrapped 2021 from your mobile phone (you will be redirected to the Spotify app on your mobile) and click on the Retrospective frame that appears on the screen.

As in previous years, each table shows data and curiosities about its activity throughout the year, such as the number of hours listened to, the total number of artists and also the most listened to in 2021.

In order to enhance the audience, the service also brought new tools to allow listeners unique ways to enjoy their albums or podcasts. This is the case with Retrospectiva 2021: Match, a feature inspired by the feature launched in August that allows you to combine your musical taste with that of a friend to see if you had the same tastes in the year that will end.