‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Crashes Worldwide Ticket Website

The day of the pre-sale of tickets for the premiere of 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' arrived. From the first minute of Monday, November 29, the Cinépolis and Cinemex platforms enabled the option to purchase the passes and watch the new Tom Holland movie playing the friendly wall-crawler.

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Crashes Worldwide Ticket Website
Spider-Man: No Way Home ticket rush crashes websites

The pre-sale of ‘Spider-Man: No way home’ begins in Mexico: between errors and crashes of Cinépolis and Cinemex

Bad news for all Marvel Studios fans who wanted to buy their Spider-Man: No Way Home tickets in Mexico, since the saturation of visits has knocked down the pages of Cinépolis and Cinemex, as well as the respective applications of both chains of cinemas.

However, what was feared happened, derived from the high demand for requests to make purchases, both services collapsed both on their websites and in their apps, leaving a large number of users without being able to acquire their passes for the premiere of the film.

Spider-Man fans take their frustrations to Twitter as they are unable to purchase No Way Home tickets due to website crashes

Although at the moment it is not possible to enter either of the two platforms through their websites, through the Cinépolis app it is possible to buy tickets, although after many times of trying.

It was also confirmed that there will be no midnight show, since the option to buy tickets at this time did not appear available either at Cinépolis or at Cinemex, so there will only be screenings throughout the day.

Spider-Man: No Way Home pre-sale begins: Prices and details at Cinemex and Cinépolis

The pre-sale of Spiderman: No Way Home has begun and these are the hours, prices and other details of its premiere in Mexican cinemas.

From now on you can buy your pre-sale tickets for Spiderman: No Way Home, one of the most anticipated film events of the year.

The pre-sale to see in theaters Spiderman: No Way Home was opened in the Mexican chains Cinépolis and Cinemex starting at 12:01 am this Monday, November 29, so be very alert not to miss this film in its first hours premiere.

Here we show you all the details about the pre-sale in Mexico.

When is Spider Man: No Way Home released in Mexico?

The new movie Spiderman: No Way Home will have its premiere in Mexico next Wednesday, December 15; this, after it was announced that the film would come out a day earlier than originally planned.

Will there be a midnight show at Cinepólis and Cinemex?

The Cinemex chain of cinemas has confirmed that there will definitely be no midnight screening of Spiderman: No Way Home.

How to buy Spiderman: No Way Home tickets in Mexico?

You can purchase your tickets through digital channels: website and application. You can also do it by phone and at the box office, but from the opening of these sales channels on Monday during the operating hours of each cinema. In some Cinépolis, for example, you can do it from 9 am. However, if you are looking to buy your tickets as soon as possible, digital channels are the best option.

How much are Spider Man: No Way Home tickets?

So far, movie theaters have not reported ticket prices. Generally, ticket prices have different prices depending on the area in which they are located.

High demand pulls Cinemex and Cinépolis digital platforms

During the first minutes of November 29, users on social networks reported the fall of the Cinépolis and Cinemex websites.

However, some lucky ones were able to access the site before the service went down and reported having already purchased their pre-sale tickets.