Pokémon UNITE: Check out some guide tips and tricks, download APK more

One more game from the world's most beloved monsters franchise arrived this week for smartphones: Pokémon Unite. This time the style of play is MOBA, which turned out to be very popular among players of the current generation. The game available for mobile basically follows what had already been presented for the Nintendo Switch in July, with two 5x5 teams facing each other in a segmented arena for routes.

Pokémon UNITE Check out some tips and trick
Pokemon UNITE: Check out some tips and tricks

Basically the main objective of the game is to be the team that scores the most “goals”, which happens when a character takes the Poké Balls collected from defeated enemies to the scoring zones. What makes the game change a lot is the experience offered with the different types of combat of each little monster, in addition to the items that can be equipped.

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Check out some tips and tricks to get started with Pokémon Unite:

Configure the game for your mobile

The game runs on several types of smartphones, but on more modest devices it can end up being interesting to make some changes to the game's basic settings. By clicking on the Settings tab, players can change the graphics quality and frame rate of the game. Lowering the quality can be interesting so that the game doesn't crash.

Advanced Control

The game's default setting makes characters automatically attack the closest enemies. This can end up limiting the game's strategic issues during combat a bit. But the game offers an Advanced Attack Controls option, which features a new button that lets the player choose between attacking the little monsters in the forest or the real enemies.

Use lock-on icon

This is another very nice feature that should help during combats. It allows the player to choose and lock on a certain target. This allows attacks during a fight to end up being targeted, for example, at enemies who are low on health, or at those who are more fragile.

Make stitches more easily

When scoring points for the team, the player needs to reach the opposing base and press one of the buttons until a bar is completely filled and the Poke balls are transferred. But this can be changed in the configuration, changing from “hold” to “press” in the control settings. So the player can simply press the screen anywhere and hold it down, rather than having to focus on just one button.

What are the best Pokemons?

It depends a lot on your playing style. For those who prefer a more aggressive style, options like Greninja and Lucario are interesting. Those who like to play with tanks can opt for Snorlax or Blissey. There are still support character options, such as Eldegoss, Wigglytuff and Alola's Ninetales.

Download Pokémon UNITE APK and OBB for Android

There's a lot in Pokémon UNITE that didn't appear in any of the other games in the Pokémon franchise and now MOBA is finally available for those without Nintendo Switch. Check out the process to start playing Pokémon UNITE using the APK file.

Download Links:

It shouldn't take long to download these files, as the APK is about 26 MB and the OBB a little longer, 155 MB. To install the game itself, however, you will need to have 400 MB free on your device.

How to download Pokémon UNITE using APK

  • First, download the above two files to your Android device;
  • Then find and install the APK file. To do this, you may need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources, if you haven't already. The option is in the Security and Privacy Settings;
  • Once you have the APK installed, move the two OBB files to Android

Now you should be able to play normally.

Pokémon Unite | Mobile version surpasses 1 million downloads in less than 24 hours

In the period prior to launch, five million people had pre-registered. Therefore, there should be no lack of players for a long time. Even more considering that the title includes cross play, making clashes between players from different platforms possible. Pokémon Unite should become more challenging than any other time in the near future.

In Pokémon Unite, two teams of five players face off, each of which controls a Pokémon. During matches, you can either attack other players' Pokémon or earn points by making "baskets", in a style similar to basketball. However, instead of balls, players use spheres collected throughout the dispute and hit targets scattered throughout the scenario.


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