Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United two goals for the win against Newcastle

Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United
Cristiano Ronaldo is back out on the pitch to greet the fans

Shocking re-release of Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United: he scored two goals for the win against Newcastle

In his first match at Old Trafford after 12 years, the Portuguese star played the 90 minutes and scored a double for a great 4-1 victory for his team on Date 4 of the Premier League.

Not even the best screenwriter would have been able to write what happened this Saturday at Old Trafford, where the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo had a long-awaited re-run at Manchester United. It was a movie performance. There were ovations from start to finish and he returned the affection received by the public by being very influential in his team's 4-1 victory against Newcastle United on Date 4 of the Premier League.

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When he appeared through the locker room tunnel, the entire stadium gave a standing ovation. There was a huge expectation to see the Portuguese star again with the Red Devils jersey and the Theater of Dreams manifested it as soon as he set foot on the grass. Although no one could predict that he was going to play the 90 minutes and was going to score two vital goals to achieve the victory.

Once referee Anthony Taylor marked the start of the match, all the focus was on the actions starring a Ronaldo who wore the number 7 on his back as in his previous stage. The first dangerous play by CR7 was a too forced header at the far post and then he made the public delirious with a threat to Manquillo, a subsequent bicycle and left-footed shot that hit the outer side of the net. That typical feint from his previous stage, when he had a more dribbling essence, gave the fans that deja vu they had been waiting for so much.

In the remainder of the first half, a very energetic Cristiano Ronaldo was seen, trying in various ways to score a goal. He positioned himself as the most advanced man on his team, played mostly from behind in the front of the area and swapped with his compatriot Bruno Fernandes to participate in the internal game. The center-back Jamaal Lascelles became his shadow, he was the Newcastle man who supervised all of his movements.