TOP 5 Games Like Baldur's Gate - AMAZING Classic RPG Games

Hello, and welcome to The Fasaadi Blog. Today I will tell about Top 5 games like Baldur's gate,  pillars of eternity, divinity: Original Sin, pathfinder kingmaker, tyranny and crown of the magister with Overwhelming positive reviews, details and more.

TOP 5 Games Like Baldur's Gate

I’hv made a small list of games like baldur's gate

Top 5 Games Like Baldur's Gate | Classic RPG Games

1: Game Like Baldur's Gate| PILLARS OF ETERNITY

Release: 2015

Windows, macOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

In a classic RPG world Pillars of Eternity is like potatoes in potato salad or like herring in salted herring - it's the main ingredient of this genre.

So if you never tried to play this one, you just have to. Or your cat will lose all its hair. In your coffee. Game came to life after an unbelievably successful Kickstarter crowd funding campaign which raised more than 4 million dollars! Game's story takes place in Eora, where a strange and scary phenomenon know as the hollow born, meaning someone who's born without s soul, plagues the land.

Scariest thing is, that not only ginger people don't have a soul, you know, like in real life, but people with any hair color. Also, if you like this game, keep in mind that Pillars of Eternity w is also released and by choosing to play the first part you are almost instantly doomed to play the second as well, because the game is great and also is a proud owner of very positive reviews on Steam.

2: Game Like Baldur's Gate |DIVINITY: Original Sin 2 - Defintive Edition

Release: 2017

Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

DIVINITY: Original Sin 2 - Defintive Edition made by the same studio as Baldur's Gate 3, this is one of the best RPG games ever created, or as PC gamer once said: An impressive sequal for an already impressive game. Overwhelming positive reviews on Steam can cinfirm that with an ease. And people in the comments section are openly saying that this may be the best game they have ever played in general.

That is a strong statement indeed. Also, if you have a friend, you can play co-op mode and share the fun together. But keep in mind that this is a serious game for adults. It has dark and gloomy world and sexual content where you can have accidental sex with a skeleton.

The best thing is, that the world is massive: when you, after 60 hours of playtime realize that the Act 1 you just finished was only a tutorial, you gonna be amazed. Game will take you about 200 hours from start to finish. So it’s really worth your money.

3: Game Like Baldur's Gate | PATHFINDER KINGMAKER

Release: 2018

Windows, Linux, Mac OS

This Game was born with a help of 18000 Kickstarter backer. So it conquered the minds and hearts of the players way before its release. Here you will explore the Stolen Lands, a region that has been contested territory for centuries.

Hundreds of kingdoms have risen and fallen in these lands, and now it is time for you to make your make - by building your own kingdom! Though, I should mention that players are complaining about loading screen.

There are lot of them, so if you are not a patient one, you should consider reading the comments before buying. Also the second part of the game called Pathfinder: Warth of the Righteous will be released in June of 2021. This time 35 thousand backers pledged more than 2 million dollars, so the game will be even bigger and better than is predecssor. Well, we all hope that it will, it may also suck as well. We'll see.

4: Game Like Baldur's Gate | TYRANNY

Release: 2016

Windows, Linux, Mac OS

Tyranny Like Pillars of Eternity it is created by the narrative masterminds at Obsidian Entertaniment. Tyranny is a classic-styled RPG with a new a original story, shaped and molded by your actions. The very layout of the world will be altered by your decisions as you choose sides, make allies and enemies, and fight for you own vision of alw and order in an immersive and reactive story. Game looks beatiful, but that's understandable because it's quit new.

Reviews on Steam are very positive: you have to scroll hard to find any bad ones. As people say, this game palys just as Baldur's Gate.

So you won't be disappointed if you buy it. Although keep in mind,that game is more dialogue  and not combat oriented. Of course you will kick ass from time to time, but the main thing will be reading and talking. Be sure that you like that kind of stuff. And more thing: the player here is not a random villager who rises to power, but a powerful officer with considerable and authority.

Use that power to enforce the new status quo or try to make change from the inside. Literally this is a more realistic approach, way different than "Hey peasant, you are Dovahkiin now, you will kill by using just your voice from now on", no, no such nonsense here.

5: Game Like Baldur's Gate | SOLASTA Crown of the Magister

Release: 2020

Windows, Mac OS

Here you take control of four heroes, each with unique skills that complement one another.

Every hero expresses themselves in the adventure. Making each action and dialog choice a dynamic part of the story. You will create your heroes just as you would in a pen-and-paper game choosing your race, class, personality and rolling for your stats. And like in a pen-and-paper game, here dice is the god. Roll 1 for critical failure, roll 20 for critical hit. Game is in Early Access right now, so it should be full of bugs and glitches.

But surprisingly reviews are happy very positive and it's hard to find a bad comment. Anyway, I do not recommend you to buy Early Access games, for the obvious reasons. Imagine if you are hungry, but I can give you only early access pizza, which has only pineapple on top or a beer which is just water. For now. It's the same with games- It's always better to wait because you know.


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