Cristiano Ronaldo's painful nose injury against Czech Republic

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Nose Injury Against Czech Republic

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Nose Injury Against Czech Republic


Cristiano Ronaldo's appearance after a hit in the game shocks the web: "He ruined his nose"

Cristiano Ronaldo was the victim of a blow from the goalkeeper of the Czech Republic, he was bloodied and continued with a dressing in the 4 to 0 of his team.

Cristiano Ronaldo suffered a strong blow during a ball dispute in the first half of the game between the Czech Republic and Portugal, for the League of Nations. The match is still in progress and takes place at the Sinobo Stadium, in the Czech Republic.

Cristiano Ronaldo had a bad time during the game in which Portugal thrashed the Czech Republic 4-0 in Prague for the Nations League. It was 12 minutes into the first half when he went to fight an aerial ball and there he was hit by the arms of goalkeeper Tomas Vaclik. He fell to the ground and immediately clutched his face: he was bleeding from the nose.

Ronaldo's heartburn on a night when everything went wrong: he was hit and his nose bled, he took a penalty and missed good opportunities

Cristiano Ronaldo did not hide some frustration with his performance against the Czech Republic. Portugal thrashed 4-0 and CR7 didn't score any of the goals, something that doesn't usually happen with him on the pitch.

The captain of the national team had a very difficult night at Fortuna Arena, in a game where everything went wrong on a personal level.

In the 13th minute, he was bleeding profusely from his nose and even had to be assisted on the pitch, after a collision with the goalkeeper Vaclik. CR7 was hit with his hands on his face and was in bad shape, in a play where he was offside.

At 24, he missed a goal 'sung'. Rafael Leão centered the ball, the captain, alone in the area, tried to give it the first time but ended up hitting the 'ears of the ball', missing a great opportunity. Ronaldo stared at the pitch, which was in bad shape.

At 39 minutes, the captain failed again. Bruno Fernandes handed him the ball "on a tray", at the far post, but the Portuguese striker got in the way with his footwork and, with his body unbalanced, threw a lot over the post. He could have done a lot better.

In the fourth minute of the first half, he ended up, inadvertently, committing a penalty. A header in the Portuguese area hit him in the hands, the referee, after reviewing the images after hearing the VAR, awarded a penalty that Patrick Schick missed.

Before the 4-0, Cristiano Ronaldo was very angry with Matheus Nunes, in a four-to-three counterattack from Portugal. The Wolves midfielder tried to serve Rúben Neves, the player in the worst position, and missed the pass, to the despair of CR7 who asked for a pass on the right.

He still assisted Diogo Jota for the 4-0 (he didn't celebrate much) but as soon as the referee blew the whistle for the end, Cristiano Ronaldo didn't hide his frustration. He walked across the lawn with his head down, visibly annoyed with his night in Prague. He still applauded the Portuguese fans who watched the game at the stadium but was the first to leave for the changing rooms.

The Portuguese football team today ascended to the leadership of Group A2 of the League of Nations 2022/23, by beating the Czech Republic 4-0, in Prague, in the fifth and penultimate matchday.

Diogo Dalot, at 33 and 52 minutes, Bruno Fernandes, at 45+2, and substitute Diogo Jota, at 82, scored the goals of the 'quinas' team, while Patrik Schick missed a penalty for the Czechs, at 45+6 , after Cristiano Ronaldo's hand on the ball.

In the face of the Swiss triumph in Zaragoza (2-1), Portugal returned to command of Group A2, with 10 points, against eight from Spain, six from Switzerland and four from the Czech Republic, so they will go to the 'final four' if they don't lose Tuesday fair with Spain.