How to get online NADRA Covid Vaccination Certificate in Pakistan

If you have had the corona vaccine and you have had both doses complete, we will tell you How to get online NADRA Covid Vaccination Certificate in Pakistan and what is the fee for this certificate?

NADRA Covid Vaccination Certificate
The fee for the Online  Nadra Vaccination Certificate is 100Rs 

A certificate is issued by NADRA after any vaccination against the coronavirus, you may have to present it as evidence in various places.

Vaccination against the coronavirus is in full swing in Pakistan today and one of the questions on people's minds is how they can get proof of vaccination or vaccination certificate.

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Many people in Pakistan have been vaccinated and they want how to get online NADRA Covid Vaccination Certificate in this lockdown?

How to apply for NADRA Vaccination Certificate?

To apply for the Covid Vaccination Certificate online, visit the National Immunization ManagementSystem (NIMS) portal and enter the details on the ID card.

The website states that the certificate can also be downloaded in case of vaccination (use of a single dose).

How to apply for NADRA Vaccination Certificate

Then enter your name and nationality on the ID card.

How to apply for NADRA Vaccination Certificate?

Then choose a payment method.

What is the fee for NADRA Covid Vaccination Certificate?

The fee for the vaccination certificate is 100Rs which can be paid by debit or credit card.

What is the fee for NADRA Covid Vaccination Certificate

After payment, you can download a receipt, confirm your details with it and your certificate is ready for download.

online NADRA Covid Vaccination Certificate

If you would like to reprint the certificate, go to the NIMS website and re-enter your details.

However, reprinting will not require registration of name and nationality but will take the website directly to the reprint option.

How to Edit Vaccination Certificate?

According to NIMS, you can change specific details in the vaccination certificate, such as spelling of the name, passport number or nationality, by going to the website and edit the details.

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The website will take you to a page where you will have the option to edit the details of the certificate data and you will be able to correct them.

The process will be the same, just enter the ID card details, pay a fee of 100Rs and download the certificate.

NADRA Covid Vaccination Certificate

In addition, you can also get a vaccination certificate by visiting any of the NADRA centres.

How to fix other mistakes in Online NADRA Vaccination Certificate

However, some people have complained about social media that other details in the certificate such as which vaccine was used, its name or the date of vaccination are not correct.

When contacted by the Ministry of Health (NHS), an NHS spokesman said that so far hundreds of complaints have been received about the mistakes made by the operators.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health said that there are complaint desks in every vaccination centre in the province. Citizens should refer to these desks for correcting mistakes in data entry.

NOTE: In addition, citizens can also contact the helpline 1166 to tell their problem.