Happy Memer Day And Original Meme Creators in Pakistan

Happy Memer Day
Happy Memer Day To All Memer Who Spread Happiness

August 1st is being celebrated on social media in Pakistan under the name of Memer Day.

All the Memer of Pakistan are wishing each other Happy Memer Day on August 1, 2021, and also uploading posts on social media with the hashtag #HappyMemerDay.

Who are the Memer?

The person who entertains people with their talent is referred to as a memer,memer is the one who makes people laugh and makes them happy.

If you guys are active on social media and you watch videos or images that make you happy and entertain, so behind the Video/Image is the hard work of a Memer. Who works hard to edit a normal video or photo in their own way to create a meme and keep you entertained.

When a memer’s meme is circulating on Pakistan's social media and many people are entertained by seeing their meme but no one knows who made this meme and how difficult it was to make this meme, because some memer who don't want to show their face on social media and they don't show themselves in their meme.

Original Meme Creators in Pakistan

By the way, there are many Facebook pages and groups in Pakistan that upload copy memes, but we will mention some meme pages and groups here that make original meme content.

Original Meme Creators Pages in Pakistan

  • Mirza Lalbaig
  • Meme By Akhir
  • Muneeb Editz
  • 20xxkid
  • Moombatti
  • TheFasaadi
  • Surgical Strike
  • Meme By Rafay
  • PSL Memes
  • Bolo Wajahat
  • J o k i s t a n
  • Meme R*pi*xt
  • MemePoint
  • Bhatti – Tweets
  • Pendu Production
  • Meme Wali Sarkar
  • X Force Memes
  • Meme By Aquid

These are all Memers who work hard to create original memes.

NOTE: There is a lot of new memer whose names aren't included. Next time, their names will be mention with original meme creators.

Original Meme Creators Groups in Pakistan

There are some memer in Pakistan who don't have their own pages, they make their original meme and upload in these groups and provide entertainment to the people.

  • Pro Memer Pakistan
  • Inter – City Roasting 2.0
  • Lahore Area Posting 2.0
  • Pindi Area Posting

By the way, there are many groups in Pakistan, but these are some of the groups where the original meme is uploaded.

What is the future of Memer?

The future of a memer in Pakistan is very bright if those copy-paste pages do not steal the meme of an original meme creator.

Happy Memer Day
Only old memer can understand this meme

Unfortunately, what happens in Pakistan is that some big pages copy the meme of an original meme creator and upload that meme to their page and their copy-paste page also has more audience which makes their copy-paste meme more popular.

Taking advantage of this, those copy-paste page owners contact some big brands and show them their copy-paste memes and then make money from them.

Because big brands don't have the time to find real friends on social media and this is the main reason why big brands deal with copy-paste page owners and consider copy-paste memes as an original meme.

Now in this situation, the original meme creator should contact the brands and introduce himself. He should give original meme and deal with them all by himself.