How to get Sehat Insaf Card And Who is Eligible For Sehat Card Complete Info

Welcome to The Fasaadi blog. Today I will tell you some important information about the sehat insaf card scheme issued by Prime Minister Imran Khan, where to get this card and who is eligible for it and how to check its eligible persons.

How to get Sehat Insaf Card And Who is Eligible
From today, free treatment will be available in 800 public and private hospitals of Punjab on sehat insaf card

Free treatment with Sehat Insaf Card from January 1,2022 - How to get Sehat Insaf Card And Who is Eligible Sehat Card

The Punjab government will spend Rs330 billion on the National Sehat Insaf Card Scheme in 3 years. On each card, every family will get.

The heads of the families will also be able to get free treatment on national identity cards. In this regard, the schedule of Punjab's 7th Division and Islamabad has been prepared.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has started regular distribution of sehat insaf cards during a special function at Governor House Lahore. PM Imran Khan further said that every family in Punjab will get health insurance, they can get treatment up to Rs 10 lakh in any hospital.

The seven divisions of Punjab will have phased facilities from January 1 to March 31. The sehat insaf card scheme will be implemented separately in the seven divisions and its functions will be held in each division.

Before January 1, 2022, Lahore will start getting free facilities, which will benefit the citizens of Kasur, Sheikhupura and Nankana Sahib districts including Lahore.

Islamabad will also get free facility on National Sehat Insaf Card from January 1, 2022 while regular launching ceremony is likely to be held on January 15.

He said that the name and identity card of the sehat insaf card holder would be printed on the number card so that the data of any patient of the family could be verified from the record of the card holder as this card could also be used to treat children and youth.

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Where to get sehat insaf card?

Visit the nearest union council office in your area with the original ID card for the sehat insaf card and find out more details for card.

According to Punjab government spokesman Hassan Khawar, he said that elected representatives in union councils should start collecting family data so that no one is deprived of this card.

What documents are required to make a Sehat Insaf Card?

Only ID card is required to make the card.

How to check your eligibility for sehat insaf card?

Eligibility for the sehat insaf card can be viewed by sending an SMS to 8500 National Identity Card number. A confirmation SMS will tell you if you are eligible.

How to check your eligibility for sehat insaf card?

Who is eligible for Sehat Insaf Card?

According to Punjab government spokesman Hassan Khawar, each family head will get a new Pakistan Sehat Insaf Card. Divorced or widowed women will also receive this card.

In order to get free treatment facility, the woman must register her marriage in the records of NADRA.

The sehat insaf card will also be able to treat children and young people.

This card will also be provided to transgender.

Which Hospitals are required for sehat insaf card?

The patient will be registered with the private or government hospital according to the patient's name and the patient will be admitted, all kinds of tests, medicines, operations or other facilities will be provided free of cost.

Up to Rs 10 lakh can be spent on treatment of diseases, but if the treatment costs more than that, the limit can be increased by applying separately.


Sehat Insaf Card Scheme is available in which provinces of Pakistan?

Sehat insaf card is currently available in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This facility has not been provided in Sindh and Balochistan yet.


What diseases can be treated with a sehat insaf card?

According to Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmeen Rashid, the New Pakistan Sehat Insaf Card will also cover cancer, gynecology, dialysis, all types of surgery, heart disease and liver transplants. According to him, this will be a kind of health insurance which will provide decent treatment to the sick people in the province.

1. Treatment of heart disease

2. Treatment of complications related to diabetes

3. Accidental injuries, ie bone fractures

4. Road accidents

5. Treatment of heart, liver, kidneys and lungs

6. Jaundice and black jaundice

7. Cancer treatment

8. Nervous System Surgery

9 Treatment of end-stage kidney disease

10 Preferential treatment also includes a free one-time check-up after discharge from the hospital

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Punjab government spokesman Hassan Khawar said that as per the decision of the cabinet, the name and identity card number of the sehat insaf card holder would be printed on the card so that the data of any patient of the family could be verified from the record of the data card holder.

According to him, sehat insaf cards have already been provided to 8.5 million families below the poverty line in Punjab.

He said that special services have been hired to make this system transparent so that patients do not face any difficulty while undergoing treatment and records can be recorded in a better way.

According to Dr Yasmeen Rashid, for the first time in the history of Pakistan, the Punjab Health Department has recruited more than 46,000 doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, mail nurses and other staff.



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