Share link in WhatsApp status - that's how it works

Share link in WhatsApp status
Share link in WhatsApp status - that's how it works | Image (c)

WhatsApp is the World's favorite messenger. The app also has functions that are reminiscent of a social network. We show you how you can share interesting links with your contacts in a few simple steps and without forwarding them.

The majority of people use WhatsApp for chatting, voice messages, and video calls. Users can also share all kinds of content with their contacts via the status display.

A posted contribution - whether text, photo, video, or GIF - then appears in the "Status" tab for 24 hours before it disappears. The only requirement: both sender and recipient must have each other's phone number saved in their phone book.

Step-by-step instructions: Share links via WhatsApp status

Since you can also publish text contributions in the status display, the tool is also suitable for sharing interesting links, for example. That's how it's done:

  • Copy a link to the clipboard.
  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Switch from the chat window to the "Status" tab.
  • Tap the pencil symbol in the lower right corner to write a new post.
  • Write a start-up text or paste the URL from the clipboard directly at the position of the text cursor. (To insert, briefly hold the cursor down until you see the "Insert" option.).

WhatsApp even adds a small link preview to the post for videos so that other users can see what is hidden behind it.

The post can also be decorated with emojis or comments. The user can also adjust the font and background color. Press the arrow key to send the post and publish it in the status bar.

For example, users can post a song that they can't get out of their heads or share an interesting news article. Other contacts can view the status and even reply to it. If you switch from the chat view to the status bar and tap on the post, the link opens in the web browser.

The status bar is transformed into a kind of minimalist news feed as you know it from Facebook. The big difference: The WhatsApp posts automatically disappear after 24 hours.