Spotify and Deezer: Offline music started for the Apple Watch

Spotify-Deezer-Offline-Music-Apple Watch
Spotify and Deezer: Offline music started for the Apple Watch

Both Deezer and Spotify have announced the availability of offline downloads for the Apple Watch. Subscribers can now download content directly to the Apple Watch and play it on the go without an internet connection or smartphone - previously, a connected smartphone was always required.

Offline mode for Spotify and Deezer subscribers

With Spotify, the ability to download playlists, albums, or even podcasts to the Apple Watch is limited to premium users of the service. As before, users of the free, ad-supported version of Spotify will not be able to download music. The selection and download are done directly via the Spotify app on the Apple Watch. As always, the function is only gradually made available to all users and can therefore not yet be used by everyone.

Even with Deezer, offline downloads for the Apple Watch are limited to subscribers. To transfer content to the Apple Watch, the menu item “Offline Mode” must be selected in the Deezer Watch app. The new version of the app informs the user about the new offline mode when the app is started on the Apple Watch. The playlists will then be downloaded to the watch. These can be existing playlists or personalized playlists whose titles have been added by the user.

Selection still cumbersome via the Apple Watch

With both Deezer and Spotify, downloading and managing offline content is currently only possible directly via the Apple Watch, which seems a bit cumbersome in the long run. It is not yet known whether or when this will also be possible in the future via smartphone apps.

From Apple Watch 3 and WatchOS 6

The offline mode of both apps is supported by Apple Watch Series 3 and WatchOS 6. In addition, the latest version of the app is required for the smartphone. To transfer the tracks before offline playback, either a WiFi or cellular connection is required.

The new goods also get offline downloads

Spotify had recently announced that it would also enable offline downloads for the new Wear OS, which Samsung and Google are developing together from the two mobile operating systems Wear OS and Tizen and will only call Wear in the future.