Pokémon GO: Develop Feelinara - This is how the new Eevee development works

Pokémon GO: Develop Feelinara
Pokémon GO: Develop Feelinara - This is how the new Eevee development works

In Pokémon GO you can now develop your Eevee to Feelinara. We'll show you the right name trick and all other ways so that you can receive the Eevee development.

This is Feelinara: This is now the 8th Eevee development that there is in Pokémon GO. Feelinara is of the Fee type and belongs to the 6th generation. Since the start of the second phase of the “Illuminating Legends Y” event, you can get the new Pokémon - but only through development.

The development of the 8 Eevee evolutions is always a bit complicated. So there is a name trick and also other ways to trigger a development. We'll show you here how it works at Feelinara.

Developing Feelinara with a name trick - that's how it works

That's the trick of the name: With the name “Kira” you can develop your Eevee into Feelinara. Otherwise you only need 25 candies for the development to work. You do not have to meet any other requirements.

This is how you use the name trick: Find a suitable Eevee and change the name of it. You have to call it "Kira". When you have changed the name, the shadow of Feelinara appears at the develop button and the development can be carried out.

Note, however, that you can only use the name trick once. After that, you can only get a Feelinara through the other way, which we explain to you below in the article.

Developing Feelinara as a buddy - that's how it works

This is how you trigger the development: This path is a little trickier. We will show you the requirements step by step:

  • Take the Eevee you want to develop and choose it as a buddy
  • With Eevee as a buddy, you have to earn a total of 70 buddy hearts
  • Have you done that, then you can still develop Eevee as your buddy to Feelinara

Are there any other ways? No, you can only get Feelinara once with the name trick or as often as you want through the buddy hearts. However, there are numerous other Eevee tricks so that you can also get all other Eevee developments.