Toyota Pakistan Should Have Thought of Old Cars before Bringing Electric Cars

Toyota Pakistan Should Have Thought of Old Cars

Asghar Jamali has said that the smoke from old cars, buses and trucks spreads pollution in Pakistan.

Asghar Jamali, CEO of Indus Motors Company, a manufacturer of Toyota vehicles in Pakistan, has said that if the purpose of bringing electric vehicles forward in Pakistan is to stop the spread of carbon, then the elimination of old vehicles should have been considered first.

The government planned to introduce electric vehicles at a time when a number of steps could be taken to improve the environment.

He said that electric vehicles are the last step to stop the spread of carbon. It seems that the decision regarding electric vehicles was made in a hurry.

In a country like Japan, strict policies are in place to get rid of old cars, they are designed with carbon emissions in mind.

India has recently introduced a policy on old vehicles aimed at increasing sales of new vehicles, reducing air pollution and reducing oil emissions costs.

Pakistan has also begun considering a policy on electric vehicles aimed at reducing the cost of climate change and oil imports.

Asghar Jamali says that it is too early to say which technology will be successful in different electric vehicle technology, which vehicle technology will be better under this policy. For example, it is not yet clear whether using a lithium or high-hydrogen cell battery is the right decision.

The CEO of Indus Motors said that it could take 3 to 5 years for issues related to electric vehicles to be clarified in Pakistan. For this reason, Indus Motors has taken a cautious approach towards electric vehicles.

Why are there less (hatchbacks) vehicles in Pakistan?

Asghar Jamali has said that there are hatchbacks in the new vehicles. Is the Pecanto a good car?

United Motors has Alpha & Bravo. MG Motors has also asked for an in-car worth Rs 2 million. Fa's V2 car is also available in the market.

In addition to these vehicles, Suzuki has 4 hatchback vehicles. These include the Alto, Wagon R, Cultus and Swift. Regal Motors has introduced Prince Pearl.

Asghar Jamali said that Toyota's famous hatchback Vitz was brought to Pakistan after being used in Japan. It is not made in Pakistan because it does not have a business case.

Opposition to the arrival of amortized and used vehicles in Pakistan

Asghar Jamali objected and said that in the case of Completely Built Unit (CBU), Pakistan was against all imports. They harm Pakistan.

Every vehicle made in Pakistan employs 6 sectors.

If a small number of vehicles are brought to Pakistan from abroad or the automotive industry in Pakistan is not allowed to grow to more than one unit, it will mean that 6 people will either lose their jobs or leave.

Competitive Trend in Pakistan's Automotive Industry

Asghar Jamali said that Indus Motors takes any vehicle manufacturer seriously. Schengen offered a good price for his sedan. The Chinese company recently introduced the Swan sedan. This is a low cost sedan in Pakistan

He said it's up to the people now that how they react to new vehicles. Every institution has come here to do business.

Indus Motors Future Plans

Asghar Jamali said that Indus Motors has invested more than Rs. 5 billion in increasing the capacity of its units from 65,000 units to 76,000 units.

However, the corona virus caused problems. Indus Motors wants to launch new car models, including the crossover SUV Corolla Cross. However, Vitz and Rao 4 do not become a business case in Pakistan.