Internet speed in Pakistan is less than in Afghanistan

Internet speed in Pakistan is less than in Afghanistan

In this age of technology, the importance and use of the Internet has increased. Numerous tasks can be done online from home, including chatting with friends, watching videos, and paying bills.

Thanks to new technology, the speed of the Internet has increased more than ever.

The fast internet allows us to watch our phones and TV shows and movies and download large files as well as many other things.

If you pay more and think that you are getting the fastest internet then it may be a delusion because other countries have even faster internet.

According to Ookla, a company that monitors Internet speed, by September 2020, the average speed of the world Internet was 85.73, while the average speed of the Internet on mobile was 35.96.

The company has hinted that with technological innovation and network improvements, the speed of the Internet will accelerate in the future.

According to the report, the fastest internet speed in the world is in Singapore where the internet is available to the people at a speed of 266.60 MB per second.

Internet is available at 210.73 MB in Hong Kong, 193.47 MB in Romania and 161.14 MB in the US. Mobile download speeds vary from country to country.

The fastest internet speed for mobile phones is in South Korea where people use 121.00 MB of internet. Mobile phone internet speed in China is 113.35 MB and in the United States is 109.43 MB.

The lowest speed of broadband internet is 4.25 MB in Yemen. Algeria has 4.81 MB and Sudan has 7.26 MB.

Broadband in Pakistan is 10.1 and the fastest speed of mobile internet is 17.3 MB.

Afghanistan has 10.31 MB of broadband and 07.26 MB of mobile.

Broadband in India is 46.47 and mobile internet speed is 12.7 MB per second.