Announcing The Opening Of Educational Institutions From March 1st

Announcing The Opening Of Educational Institutions From March 1st

The Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood has announced that from March 1, all schools will return to normal 5-day classes.

The education minister made the announcement in his tweets on the micro-blogging website Twitter that from Monday, March 1, all schools will return to the routine of 5-day classes. In some large cities, schools were banned from dividing classes into smaller groups until February 28.

Complete resumption of educational activities across the country.

At the same time, he wrote that thank God we are returning to normal.

In another tweet, Shafqat Mehmood said that social distances like Corona SOPs, masks should be reached and hand washing facilities should be ensured in all educational institutions.

It should be noted that this epidemic which hit the country in the year 2020 badly affected the educational activities and for the first time in March after the first case of the virus in February, the educational institutions in the country had to be closed for more than 6 months. And then in September they were phased out.

However, it was decided to close the educational institutions again in November due to the threat posed to the health of students by the second wave of the virus.

After which, once again, the educational institutions remained closed for about 2 months and from January 18, the ninth to twelfth in the country. Educational activities were restored for O and A level students, while other schools and universities were reopened on February 1.

However, in view of the Corona virus situation in different cities of the country, instructions were issued to call students in educational institutions on alternate days to reduce the spread of the virus.

Earlier in the day, the National Command and Operations Centers (NCOC) had lifted the ban on working hours at commercial centers and 50 per cent staff in government offices in view of the corona virus situation in the country.

Apart from this, cinema halls, shrines, indoor wedding ceremonies were also allowed from March 15. The number of spectators in the ongoing PSL matches was increased from 20 to 50 per cent while the total number of spectators in the playoffs was increased. Has been allowed to come.

If we look at the overall situation of Corona virus in the country so far, 575,941 people have been infected with it, out of which 539,888 have recovered while the number of deaths is 12,772.