Why did the Prime Minister unfollow everyone on Twitter? reason explained

Why did the Prime Minister unfollow

Prime Minister Imran Khan is very popular on the social media platform Twitter and now has 13 million followers.

According to details, on the micro-blogging site Twitter, Prime Minister Imran Khan has now become the first politician in Pakistan to have 13 million followers on Twitter.

In a recent interview with SAMAANews, he explained the reason, saying that when he was a politician, it was another matter, the Prime Minister does not follow anyone, there was no conspiracy behind it.

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The Prime Minister Imran Khan was following only 18 people on Twitter but a few days ago he suddenly 'unfollowed' them all.

It should be noted that Prime Minister Imran Khan is often in the news due to his tweets on his Twitter account.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan is one of the leaders in the world who is active on Twitter and keeps making statements through Twitter.

The Prime Minister has been following his party, charitable hospitals and party leaders on Twitter.

However, now everyone has been unfollowed from his account, he was also following his ex-wife Jaime.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that India should not make the mistake of false flag operation.

Tweeting on Sunday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that despite the UN flag and blue flag, the vehicle was targeted. Pakistan condemns this behavior of India.

India violated international law by firing on a vehicle. Prime Minister Imran Khan further said that India has violated the ceasefire agreement on 3,000 barrels.

He also said that the attack was carried out by India to divert global attention from its internal affairs, including the economic crisis, farmers' protests and inadequate measures to prevent Corona.

Earlier, Pakistan raised the issue at the United Nations over the firing on a vehicle of UN observers by Indian forces and wrote letters to the UN Secretary-General and the President of the Security Council.

The Foreign Office spokesman said that the attack was carried out by India to divert international attention from its internal affairs and a transparent investigation should be carried out into the Indian firing on the observer's vehicle.

The spokesperson further said that Pakistan reserves the right to respond to any foolish adventure, India is constantly violating the ceasefire agreement and there are reports that RS and BJP are preparing for False Flag Operation.