Mian Kashif fraud 5 lac dollars with Engin Altan

Mian Kashif fraud 5 lac dollars with Engin Altan

Recently, Turkish Actor Engin Altan, also known as Ertugrul, visited Pakistan.

Pakistani Mian Kashif was also present with him on the occasion which was seen in almost every picture of Engin Altan in Pakistan, but Engin Altan did not know that the man was a fraud.

Which was also a top trend on the social media site Twitter.

According to sources, Kashif, a Pakistani citizen, has committed a fraud of 5 lac dollars with Engin Altan.

Engin Altan was actually invited by a private company to become a brand ambassador for which he was contracted for one million dollars. 

He was paid 5 lac dollars in advance, after which he announced his arrival in Pakistan and promised to pay the rest when he arrived in Pakistan.

Kashif, a resident of Sialkot, told Engin Altan that a check for 5 lac dollars had been received from the party. If you arrive in Turkey, you will get the money in a few days, but when Engin Altan went to Turkey and contacted Kashif, there was no response from Kashif.

Then the Turkish actor contacted the Pakistani authorities and it was found out that Kashif is a benefactor of Sialkot and many FIRs of fraud have been registered against him before.

Despite being nominated in Kashif's cases, many questions have been raised about his free movement.

On the other hand, a reporter of a private TV channel claimed that he was receiving threats for reporting against Kashif.

He also showed Kashif's threatening video in which Kashif threatened to meet me outside and I would see you.

When Kashif's reality came to light on social media, users expressed regret and said that Pakistan would be discredited because of one person.

It may be recalled that Mian Kashif had also claimed to be a close friend of Engin Altan during one of his interviews and said that I have given them gifts worth millions of rupees.