The video with Sana Khan's husband became popular on social media

Sana Khan's husband became popular

Extremely popular video on social media with Sana Khan's husband.

The video of former Bollywood actress Sana Khan with her husband became popular on social media.

According to details, Sana Khan, who recently tied the knot, posted a video on social media site Instagram in which she is accompanied by her husband.

In the video posted by Sana Khan, it can be seen that Sana Khan and her husband are reciting Ayat-Al-Kursi.

It may be recalled that Sana Khan shared this video on her Instagram account in which the two married couples holding each other's hands were reciting Ayat-Al-Kursi.

Sana Khan in the caption of the video posted explained the benefits of Ayat-Al-Kursi and said that this Surah protects you from evil eye. You should recite Ayat-Al-Kursi after every prayer and when going out of the house.

At the same time, she said that whenever your husband goes out for work, he should always recite Ayat-Al-Kursi on him before going out. 

Interestingly, the video posted by Sana Khan has been viewed 2.6 million times on Instagram so far.

Remember that Sana Khan has acted in Indian films as well as in the reality show Bigg Boss.

However, some time ago, she had turned to religion by saying goodbye to all showbiz activities and recently she has tied the knot with Mufti Anas.

It is to be noted that earlier Sana Khan had also shared her charming photos on social media site Instagram.