Bilal Saeed, Momina Mustehsan released the remix of their hit song “BAARI”

Bilal Saeed, Momina Mustehsan released

Momina Mustehsan, Bilal Saeed "BAARI 2" went well

About two weeks ago, Bilal and Momina announced the early release of the remix version of this romantic Punjabi song, which will be released in November 2019.

Explaining the release of the song in an Instagram post, Bilal wrote "When you really love, you become weak and insecure, no matter what you see, never let these concerns affect your relationship”

The video of the song has been forwarded showing the continuation of the previous song.

In the beginning, there is an entry of the well-known YouTuber Rahim Pardesi who is watching the girl with him Believers get misunderstood and this is where the singing goes.

The end of turn 2 has been shown to be happy after sobs.

Released under One Two Records, the song has lyrics, composition and direction by Bilal Saeed.

Earlier, Bilal Saeed had written in Insta Post quoting the video of Bari 1 “This was the way, this was the corner, this was the tea-house, this was the boy who looked simpler than the splendor, from here she would pass by with books in hand, She wanted to fly but she fight the winds, everyone will remember the story of the fall of tea.”

Talking about Bari 2, Bilal Saeed further wrote, Would you like to know what happened to this story?

Momina also wrote while sharing her photo in Insta Post“a year ago we met a girl with a broken heart. The pain a boy felt and asked for a small space in his heart so that he could protect it, we meet again a year later and we know whether the sanctity of love is safe and respected. ”

The song was released 22 hours ago and has been viewed by over 1.7 million people so far, and people in the comments are very appreciative of this effort of Bilal and Momina.