Youtuber TechRax Tested Apple Watch Ultra With a Hammer

Youtuber TechRax Tested Apple Watch Ultra With a Hammer
Youtuber Tested Apple's statements about the resistance of Apple Watch Ultra by submitting it to various abuse.


Famous Youtuber TechRax tested the Apple Watch Ultra from a hammer that resulted in the table broken

On a few occasions, in recent years, the Californian company manages to surprise the company's fans with some of its proposals around smart watches that make up its device ecosystem. The Apple Watch Ultra is within the last batch of wrist devices presented by the company chaired by Tim Cook and since it is designed to be used in extreme conditions, some youtubers have already begun to look for their limits.

Techrax, a popular channel to prove the durability of the products, first tested the Apple Watch Ultra letting it fall from about 1.2 meters high. The Apple Watch Ultra came out practically unharmed, except for some abolish in the titanium housing due to the fall.

Next, the Apple Watch Ultra was introduced into a bottle full of nails and agitated and, once again, was left without visible marks.

TechRax Youtube Channel:

TechRax also tested the durability of Apple Watch Ultra hitting its Zafiro glass screen repeatedly with a hammer.

In the test, the clock endured repeated blows until it finally cracks, only after the table suffered first damage. "Mmm ... is really resistant. That definitely does not happen with an iPhone, that you break the wood through it, ”says the video in the video.

Although the Apple Watch Ultra screen did not suffer initially damage, the clock did not turn on after the repeated blows. The fact that it does not turn on could indicate that, although the glass has not broken at the beginning, some internal components may have suffered damage.

Of course, the test does not intend to reflect the typical use of Apple Watch Ultra, but can provide some customers for the safety of the sapphire glass screen.

Apple states that Apple Watch Ultra is its most resistant, durable and extreme Apple Watch to date and competes directly with Garmin's models.