Pakistani film 'Joyland' announced to release this winter

Pakistani film Joyland

Pakistani film 'Joyland' will release in winter this year


Director, writer and actor Saim Sadiq has announced the release of his 'Cannes Festival' award winning short film 'Joyland' in Pakistan.

Saim Sadiq's film 'Joyland' was presented at the Cannes Film Festival in France in May this year and was also honored with the highest award of Cannes.

Joyland was awarded the 'Cannes: Queer Palm' award, which is given exclusively to films based on the stories of gay or bisexual people.

Joyland was the first Pakistani film to win the Queer Palm Award.

The story of 'Joyland' revolves around a young man and a transgender dancer who fall in love while working in a dance club.

The film was highly appreciated for the untouchable subject of the story and its team was awarded the highest award for making a film on a subject which is considered as vice in a society like Pakistan.

The film was also presented in other international film festivals and now its director has announced to release it in Pakistan as well.

In an interview given to 'Proparganda', Saim Sadiq, while talking about the story of 'Joyland' and the global recognition it received, said that he will soon release the film in the country as well.

The filmmaker said that he plans to release 'Joyland' in Pakistan this winter.

In response to a question, he said that he felt that the film censor board would object to his film, as it does not have any scenes or dialogues that are controversial or obscene.

According to his, many of the films released in Pakistan today contain profanity, but his film does not contain profanity or any other controversial dialogue.

Saim Sadiq said that he believes that the Film Censor Board will not raise any objection to his film and that there is no such dialogue or scene in 'Joyland' that should be objected to.

Although he announced the release of the film in winter this year, he did not clarify whether 'Joyland' will be released in theaters or online.