Asim Azhar clarifies calling fiance Merub Ali his 'sister' earlier

Asim Azhar clarifies calling fiance Merub Ali his 'sister' earlier

Singer Asim Azhar and model Merub Ali got engaged


Asim Azhar clarifies calling fiance Merub Ali his "sister" earlier, and false engagement date

S(caps)inger Asim Azhar and model Merub Ali have expressed their displeasure over the rumors about their engagement and termed the information spread on social media as false while appealing to the people to be tolerant of the happiness of others.

Asim Azhar and Merub Ali had confirmed through Instagram posts yesterday that they were engaged, after which many rumors about their relationship started spreading on social media.

Rumors started circulating on social media that Asim Azhar and Merub Ali were engaged in July 2021 but this has now been confirmed, on the other hand it was also reported that in the past Asim Azhar had declared model Merub Ali as his sister and now he got engaged to her.

However, this was not the case. In July 2021, rumors of their engagement were spread, but Asim Azhar later clarified that this was not the case.

After the rumors of their engagement spread, a fake screenshot by the name of Asim Azhar also went viral on social media last year in which Merub Ali was declared a sister by the singer.

After the fake screenshot of his name went viral, Asim Azhar had clarified that the said screenshot was not his and neither was Merub Ali his sister.

In this regard, Merub Ali later said in an interview that he and Asim Azhar's family have a long relationship and they are both childhood friends but they have no blood relationship, nor are they siblings. Nor are they cousins.

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However, they never talked openly about their relationship and throughout the year there were rumors that they had a relationship.

The rumors of their relationship came true yesterday when the two confirmed their engagement through social media posts but later expressed their anger over the misinformation spread about their engagement.

Merub Ali also clarified in her Instagram story that their engagement took place not last year but now and spreading false information about their relationship will be stopped. She termed all the information spread on social media as misleading.

Merub Ali wrote in an Instagram story that spreading false information about her engagement should be stopped

Similarly, Asim Azhar also retweeted his explanatory tweet of the old year and told the media that he had made it clear last year that he did not call Merub Ali a sister but a fake screenshot went viral in his name.

In his second tweet, Asim Azhar also taught people to have a passion for enduring the joys of others and said that he would soon send sweets to some people to establish a relationship.