Vikings Valhalla Season 1 ending explained and how continues Season 2

Vikings Valhalla Season 1 ending explained

Vikings Valhalla: Season 1 ending explained! This is how it continues in Season 2 on Netflix


Vikings Valhalla season 1 ended explains the finale of the Netflix series and reveals how the season 2 will continues

N(caps)etflix's new series Vikings: Valhalla is inspired by historical events, which took place during the Norse's advance across the European continent and the conquest of Canute II of Denmark to become King of Denmark, England and Norway.

"Vikings: Valhalla" is not only successful and action-packed entertainment for all "Vikings" fans who continue to mourn their favorite series, newcomers also get their money's worth, because previous knowledge is not required.

But both old hands and young Vikings scratch their heads in amazement after the finale of the 1st season, because the end came so suddenly that one searches in vain for the 9th episode.

But what happens next when "Vikings: Valhalla" returns with Season 2? And how long do we have to wait for the sequel? Netzwelt tells you everything that is already known about the new episodes and summarizes the latest events from season 1.

Vikings Valhalla: How Season 1 Ended

In the season 1 finale of Vikings: Valhalla, Olaf Kattegat takes over after pledging his support for Jarl Kåre, only to abandon him in the battle and send him forward as cannon fodder. After Kåre was murdered by Freydis and many of his men were defeated, it was easy for Olaf to claim Kattegat as his own.

Olaf's joy is short-lived, however, as Sven Forkbart, King Canute's father, arrives in Kattegat with his ships, having discovered their location with the help of Godwin.

Leif Eriksson, who was grieving the death of the love of his life, takes his frustration out on some of Olaf's men in the final scene and now appears more menacing overall, having acted mostly calmly and deliberately in Season 1, but no less dangerously so was.

In England, Queen Emma is now back on the throne awaiting the return of King Canute after Queen Ælfgifu, Canute's other wife, failed to end her husband's new marriage and blackmailed Forkbeard with Canute's fleet.

Vikings Valhalla: Here's how Season 2 continues

Anyone who thinks that the events of the coming seasons can simply be read on Wikipedia is wrong. Like "Vikings", "Vikings: Valhalla" also uses real historical figures and various facts, but mixes them up wildly and thus builds a very own story together, which in the end has little to do with the truth.

So it is not certain how season 2 of "Vikings: Valhalla" will continue. Surely Sven Gabelbart would rather arrest Olaf than kill him, after all Olaf is too important a character. Leif Eriksson has yet to travel to America in the course of history, after all the explorer is known for being the first European to have reached America. However, the Season 1 finale doesn't suggest that Leif is about to hop on a boat and explore the world next.

The future of Harald and Freydis also remains a big mystery. Where do they ride after leaving Kattegat? And why does Freydis just leave Leif behind? Does she think he's dead? The future holds the throne of Norway for Harald, the authors have more leeway with Freydis and could one day make her the successor to Jarl Haakon in Kattegat.


Devoted fans have been eagerly awaiting the sequel to the popular Vikings series, and Netflix is finally showing the sequel Vikings: Valhalla, set approximately 100 years after the original and set in the early 11th century. First opinions describe the successor as well done, but still different from the original.

The new series is both a continuation and a reorientation, whereby the well-known characters are of course missing. Still, they keep getting mentioned, so the new story makes sense. "Vikings: Valhalla" also shines with narrative elegance and a lively narrative style, without missing the exciting looting, pagan rituals and political intrigues, and of course the passionate sex. One of the highlights of "Vikings: Valhalla" is an elaborate action scene - the city conquest, in which a bridge is destroyed.

Compared to "Vikings", "Vikings: Valhalla" has a more straightforward storyline, with the big events being in the foreground and less the poetic and spiritual scenes. The tone of voice in "Vikings: Valhalla" is also different compared to the original. The dialogues are very direct, subtle hints are completely missing. Also, instead of dealing with the rise of the Vikings, the new series deals with their decline - unfortunately often clichéd and without impressive nuances, but at the same time very entertaining.