Online Survey Jobs in Pakistan - Best Online Survey Website for Pakistan

Welcome To The Fasaadi. Today in this blog I will tell you what are online survey job and how to work on it and how you can make money online by online survey in Pakistan from your mobile or computer very easily.

Online Survey Jobs in Pakistan

Best Online Survey Jobs For Students In Pakistan - Make Money Online 

Online Survey Jobs in Pakistan – Best Online Job for Students – Make Money Online

You are a student or somebody without any skill but you still want to earn some easy small amount of money online but you still are unsure what kind of job can give you a small online income from home? So this blog is just for you I will tell you about easy online survey job in Pakistan for students. This Job are Fillings Online Surveys what to do you is? Just fill online survey and you will get some kind of pocket money.

There are many online survey websites around the world but let me tell you about some of these real and trusted websites.

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What Are Online Survey? How does Survey Jobs work?

Online Survey a structure multiple choice questions that need to complete over the internet by just filing of form, online survey consists of 10 to 15 questions that relate to your behavior, personality, choice or your experience.

There are no academic or general knowledge questions in the online survey. You have to think about what is right for you, you just have to fill this option. In fact, online surveys look at what people like and how people do things. Just to judge the behavior and the being experience of any kind of individual.

Why Online Survey Jobs Are Growing Around the World

Many people around the world are earning a good income by doing online survey job from home, it is very easy and any student or housewife can do this job easily. Anyone can earn in 15 to 20 minutes by working on an online survey.

Best Online Earning Survey Websites For Pakistan





These four survey websites work in Pakistan and pay you immediately. Their payment ratio is also very good and the interface of these websites is also excellent which you will easily understand every step.

Learn more about these online survey websites:

Drt Solutionz

This is the best online survey job website in Pakistan; the best thing about this online survey website is that its payment method includes easypaisa and jazzcash, on this website you select Country (Pakistan) make account easily and can start the survey.

It has a variety of questions and tasks that will not be difficult for you to complete, you can quickly complete your task or survey in 15 to 20 minutes.

This online survey website also has a referral program. You can earn commission by joining your friend through referral link.

You can make from $1.30 to $3.25 for every paid online survey you complete.

You can create an account with Google or Facebook. It is very easy to create an account and you can also create an account by getting your email verified.

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This is also a Highly padded website that gives you different types of tasks, like you will be given a task that you have to post this thing on Instagram, this site pays you $0.5 to $3 for per survey or per task.

Tasks: Post on Tiktok, View Funny Slideshows, Play Games, Install Apps, Complete Captchas, Post Instagram, Answer Surveys.

In this website you are given daily bonus like if you participate in its competition and if you get top then you get a good bonus. This website also has a referral program. If you refer a friend to you and he joins your link, you get commission.


This website is especially good in pakistan because this website pays you in pakistani method, on this website you also have to do surveys and various tasks are also given, Interestingly, the tasks on this site are very simple and it takes you five to ten minutes to complete just one task.

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This Online Survey Website pays you $0.25 or $5 per survey or per task.

Creating an account on the Trabia website is easy, you can just sign up from Facebook or Google, if you want to know more information about it, you will find many videos on youtube.


The best thing about the SurveyTime website is that it pays you $1 for a survey, as soon as you complete a survey it gives you $1 in your account. Surveying is very easy and you will complete a survey in 10 to 15 minutes and this website offers you daily surveys.

You have to go this website and create an account with it via Google, Facebook or Twitter and then you have to start the survey.

There is a 1 minute video on this website which will tell you in complete how to work on it.

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NOTE: Before you start working on all these online survey websites, find out more info about them on YouTube or Google, so that you can get people reviews.


I hope you have understood this Online Survey Job in Pakistan blog. If you want to know more about online earning, you will find more information on our website.

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