Facebook Monetization in Pakistan 2023 Complete Details

Facebook is a globally popular social media platform that has revolutionized online communication Facebook also provides earning opportunities to its users through monetization from around the world but there are some other countries including Pakistan where Facebook Monetization is not officially available.

If you are using FB while living in Pakistan and want to know How to Earn Money From Facebook, and how to turn on Page Monetization or Criteria, you have come to the right place because in this blog you will get complete details about Facebook Monetization in Pakistan 2023.

Facebook Monetization in Pakistan 2023
Is it possible to monetize pacebook page in Pakistan?

Is Facebook Monetization available in Pakistan?

Facebook Monetization is not available in Pakistan and Pakistan is not included in the list of Eligible Countries for Facebook monetization.

Last year, the Ministry of Information Technology of KPK confirmed that Facebook will first start a pilot project for monetization videos and will officially announce Monetization in Pakistan in 2023. However, Facebook has not yet taken any action on the pilot project.

Remember that Facebook Videos Monetization is not available in Pakistan but Facebook Star Monetization is available in Pakistan and through Facebook Star users can earn money by turning on Facebook Star Monetization on their page or profile in Pakistan.

Facebook Star Monetization in Pakistan

FB launched a monetization program called Star, and Star Monetization is officially available in Pakistan, facebook users can earn money in Pakistan through Facebook Star.

Stars allow fans to send stars to help creators and this feature is available on Facebook Reels, Facebook Live, on-demand videos, photos and text posts.

Here you can learn more about How To Turn ON Facebook Star Monetization and FB Star Criteria.

How To Turn On Facebook Page Monetization In Pakistan?

As you know monetization is not available in Pakistan but many Pakistani content creators are earning good income by turning on monetization of their Facebook page in Pakistan.

Many videos on YouTube talk about different ways to earn money from Pakistan by turning on Facebook Monetization in Pakistan.

One of the best ways to turn on Facebook Page Monetization in Pakistan

if your family member, relative or friend who lives outside Pakistan, then you can make that person an admin on your page and turn yourself into an editor. You can turn on Monetization on your Facebook page through that person.

Because Facebook has not mentioned that users cannot work as an editor from Pakistan on the Facebook Monetization page, Facebook has only said that monetization is not available in Pakistan.

So you can earn money as an editor while living in Pakistan by turning on Monetization on your Facebook page.

Keep in mind that the family member or friend you make an admin on your page must be from an eligible country for Facebook monetization, countries like the UK, USA UAE or many more countries where Facebook monetization is available.

Facebook Monetization Criteria in Pakistan 2023

First, go to Meta Business Suite Desktop and check your page status and page eligibility for monetization.

  • The country must be eligible for Facebook Monetization.
  • User Must be 18 years old or above.
  • Facebook Page should have 5000 followers.
  • 60,000 watch time should be in 60 days
  • Five active videos on the page

How much Facebook pay for 1,000 views?

Facebook typically pays around $1 to $2 for every 1,000 views in countries like Pakistan. This means if your content gets 1,000 views, you can expect to earn between 300 and 600 Pakistani Rupees.

Keep in mind, that earnings may vary based on factors such as content type and audience engagement. It is important to consistently create quality content to maximize your earning potential.

Facebook Partner Monetization Policies

If you want to earn money on Facebook then you should keep in mind these few points given by Facebook:

  • Create content on an eligible surface
  • Reside in an eligible country
  • Follow Facebook’s Community Standards
  • Follow Facebook Content Monetisation Policies
  • Share authentic and original content
  • Monetise authentic engagement
  • Follow Facebook Payment Terms
  • Follow Facebook Pages, Groups and Events Terms
  • Develop an established presence
  • Follow Facebook rules for politicians and governments
  • Only connect to entities that follow Facebook policies

For more information and understanding of Facebook Partner Monetization Policies, visit the Facebook Business Help Center.

How Many Ways To Earn Money From Facebook?

Here are many Facebook Partner Monetization programs you can earn good money from Facebook and build your business and career:

  • Ad Breaks: Earn revenue by inserting short ads into eligible videos on your page
  • In-Stream Ads: Monetize longer videos with ads placed at natural breaks.
  • Instant Articles: Monetize your website's content through Facebook's Instant Articles.
  • Facebook Gaming: Generate income through live game streaming and fan support.
  • Facebook Stars: Receive virtual gifts from viewers during live broadcasts or reels.
  • Fan Subscriptions: Offer premium content to subscribers for a monthly fee.
  • Brand Collaborations: Partner with brands for sponsored content and promotions.
  • Paid Online Events: Host paid virtual events and earn from ticket sales.

Ad Breaks

Facebook Ad Breaks opens the door for content creators to monetise their content. By seamlessly incorporating brief ad videos, creators can generate income through ad views and engagement.

This feature promotes continuous content production by providing a reliable income stream. To get started, creators need to meet specific eligibility standards and follow Facebook's guidelines.

In-Stream Ads

Facebook in-stream ads are a monetization feature for content creators by integrating video ads into their content, and creators can earn revenue based on ad views and engagement.

In-stream ads provide a profitable avenue for those who have a substantial following or engaging content, this feature supports the sustainability of content creation in the digital age.

Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles is a feature that enables publishers to create fast-loading, interactive articles within the Facebook App. It provides a seamless reading experience for users on mobile devices.

Publishers integrate ad placements into their content to earn from Facebook Instant Articles. Revenue is generated based on ad views and engagement, providing a monetization avenue for quality content creators.

Facebook Gaming

Earning from Facebook Gaming is an exciting opportunity for gamers. By streaming live content, you are engaging with viewers, and leveraging monetization tools like fan support and ad revenue.

Creators can turn their passion into a sustainable income. Building a dedicated community and offering unique experiences for viewers can lead to greater success. With Facebook Gaming, gamers have a platform to showcase their skills, entertain audiences, and earn a living doing what they love.

Facebook Star 

Facebook Star is a program designed to support content creators by providing them with tools to engage and monetize their audience. It allows fans to support their favourite creators through virtual gifts and other features.

Facebook Star empowers creators to connect with their audience on a deeper level while being rewarded for their dedication and creativity.

Remember that Facebook Star monetization is available in Pakistan.

Fan Subscriptions

Facebook Fan Subscriptions is a feature that allows content creators to earn money directly from their dedicated followers. Fans pay a monthly subscription fee to access exclusive content, special badges, and other perks offered by the creator.

The program empowers creators to monetize their content while providing fans with a more intimate and personalized experience. Facebook fan subscriptions are a win-win for both creators and their loyal supporters.

Brand Collaborations

Facebook Brand Collaborations involve content creators partnering with businesses to promote products or services on the platform. Creators produce engaging content to showcase the brand's offerings to their audience.

Earning through Brand Collaborations Creating high-quality content, and actively engaging with your audience. This attracts brands looking for influential partners to promote their products or services.

Paid Online Events

Paid Online Events on Facebook enable businesses and creators to monetize their online events. They can charge attendees for access to exclusive content, workshops, or virtual experiences, expanding revenue opportunities.

This feature provides a convenient way to host paid events while offering attendees valuable and engaging content.

Note: All of these Facebook programs have different criteria, so visit Facebook Business Help to learn more.


If Facebook monetization is activated in Pakistan, it opens up a world of opportunities for content creators and entrepreneurs. This means individuals can now generate revenue from their engaging content, whether through ad placements, fan subscriptions, or brand collaborations. 

It not only empowers creators to turn their passion into a source of income but also contributes to the growing digital economy of Pakistan. With the potential for sustainable earnings, Facebook monetization in Pakistan has the power to transform hobbies and talents into profitable ventures, fostering a dynamic online entrepreneurial spirit.


Here are some FAQs related to Facebook monetization in Pakistan:

What are the criteria for Facebook monetization in Pakistan?

According to Facebook, first of all, your country should be eligible for Monetization and 5,000 followers, 60,000 watch time in 60 days and five active videos on the page.

How can I earn money from my Facebook page?

There are many ways to earn from Facebook like Ad Breaks, In-Stream Ads, Instant Articles, Facebook Gaming, Brand Collaborations and many more, it depends on which field you are an expert in.

How much Facebook pays for 100k views?

In general, you can expect to earn between $1 and $10 per 10,000 video views. Now guess how much Facebook can give you for 100K views.

Does Facebook Pay monthly?

Payments are issued by Facebook around the 21st of every month. For example, January earnings will be paid around February 21.

Is Facebook Pay easy?

If you are a content creator and upload videos then you can earn from Facebook by completing 10,000 followers and more Facebook criteria.

Does Facebook pay for 10,000 followers?

If you are a content creator and have 10,000 followers on your Facebook page and your country is eligible for Facebook monetization, you can earn from Facebook through in-stream ads by completing more criteria.