Jared Leto celebrates 50th birthday with rainbow cake

Jared Leto celebrates 50th birthday with rainbow cake

US Actor and Singer Jared Leto Celebrates 50th Birthday

US Actor and singer Jared Leto celebrated his 50th birthday shirtless with a rainbow cake.

“Thank you for all your birthday wishes,” he wrote on Instagram on Sunday in response to a photo showing him shirtless with rainbow cake plate in his hand. In keeping with his new cinema project, the January vampire film “Morbius”, the actor showed himself with fake blood in the corner of his mouth.

Jared Leto made his breakthrough as an actor in 1994 in the television series "My So-Called Life" (Welcome to Life). For the role of transsexual Rayon in "Dallas Buyers Club" he was awarded an Oscar for best supporting actor in 2014. Leto is also the singer of the alternative rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars, which he founded with his brother Shannon.

He also worked as a model on the side, and repeatedly impressed people with his taste in fashion when appearing on the red carpet. It's hard to believe that this celebrity is already 50 years old.

The talented musician and actor does not seem to mind that Jared Leto has no wife and no children. He himself apparently spent his 50th birthday with his film crew on set and was surprised with a rainbow cake. Leto thanked his for all the congratulations via Instagram as follows:

Jared Leto turns 50: career instead of wife & children

Jared Leto was engaged to Cameron Diaz between 2002 and 2003, was in relationships with, among others, Scarlett Johansson and Kristi McDaniel, and was still unable to keep a woman in the end.

"I'm single. I'm officially single. I'm open to everything. I like everything. Isn't that the problem? I just like everything. I value women and their endlessly fascinating skills, "Leto said in an interview with The Kyle and Jackie O Show," adding, "If the [still married] woman were separated and lonely and she really needed company, I would be see it as my duty to comply with their request. "

But Leto doesn't really have a private life or friends, as he did to the “E! News ”already confirmed in 2017. Instead, the self-proclaimed workaholic said: “I have no private life, but I love my work. I would much rather work on one thing or do something that excites me than do many other things.