NASA’s mars helicopter jumps first mile during the 10 flight!

NASA's Ingenuity helicopter successfully made its 10 flight on July 24, the most complex to date, with 10 different landmarks and a flight height of 12 meters.

NASA’s mars helicopter jumps first mile during the 10 flight!
Illustration of the Ingenuity helicopter flying on Mars. (Photo: NASA / JPL-CALTECH / AFP)

After the 10 successful flight to the surface of Mars, NASA's innovation helicopter has flown over a mile in Martian air.

The tenth flight of the creativity on Saturday saw the four-pound drone Exploration in an area of scientific interest called raised ledges, covering a distance of approximately 310 feet in just under three minutes. In addition to setting a record altitude of 40 feet, the helicopter logged its first mile on 152 Mars Day (Mars Day) after landing persistently in February.

The small helicopter was originally planned to perform only five test flights, a technical demonstration to see if it is indeed possible to fly in the very difficult environment of Mars. After those five successful flights, Ingenuity embarked on extremely exploratory missions. Challenging, looking for interesting terrain that the Perseverance rover with all its science instruments could visit. In total, the helicopter spent almost 17 minutes in the air.

Saturday's 10 helicopter flew through a series of 10 landmarks, as many as possible in a single flight, to take photos of the towering ridges. Located within the ancient bed of the Jezero crater lake, highland geology can help scientists decipher the history of this region of Mars where liquid water once flowed to the surface and life may have once existed. Mission scholars said in a news summary On July 21. Perseverance will collect a sample from the Highlanders to be ready to return to Earth.

This annotated map shows the planned route for Ingenuity's 10th trip, including the 10th waypoints it successfully traversed.

Intelligence's ability to cover great distances and travel over challenging terrain makes it an excellent companion for a car of perseverance. The helicopter can travel the route to find interesting terrain and see if certain destinations are worth the rover taking the time to travel and inspect. Efficiency is the key to interplanetary exploration.

With the 10th flights landing, we hope that Ingenuity will continue to push the limits of its historical life on Mars and continue to provide positive results to assist scientists in their quest to determine whether life may have appeared on Mars.