Jolta Electric Bike in Pakistan | first e-bike save Rs 4,000 on fuel

The first locally manufactured electric bike in Pakistan. PM Imran Khan inaugurates Pakistan's first eco-friendly electric bike, e-bike is an important part of the government's Pakistan Electric Vehicles Policy 2020-2025.

jolta electric bike in pakistan

No smoke, no sound, save Rs 4,000 on fuel,  first electric bike in Pakistan

The first local electric bike in Pakistan was inaugurated by Prime Minister Imran Khan during a ceremony.

This e-bike has been developed by a company called Jolta Electric, which will gradually introduce many eco-friendly bikes and this electric bike will have no smoke or sound.

This e-bike is excellent for saving fuel and is specially designed for Pakistani consumers.

Different models of Jolta Electric Bike in Pakistan

  • E-70
  • JE 70 L
  • JE 70D
  • JE 100L
  • JE 125L
  • JE Scooty
  •  JE Sports

Jolta Electric Bike Speed

The speed of all e-bikes models will also be different, which will be 10 to 60 kilometre and will be able to fix 60 to 100 kilometre on the charged battery.

The maximum speed on the smooth road will be 60 kilometre per hour, while 10 to 10 km will be held on the undesirable road.

Jolta Electric Bike Charging

According to the company's website, the JE 70 will be able to fix 80 kilometre on the full charge battery.

This e-bike will be a 20 AH power battery while motor power is a thousand watts.

The e-bike battery will be able to charge throughout the night and during this time a half unit of electricity will be spent.

This e-bike has been used 3 driving batteries, which will be 3 months warranty and will run for 2 years. According to the current price, these batteries can be converted into 20,000 rupees. The motorcycle battery will be charged throughout the night and during this period will be a half unit of electricity.

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Jolta Electric Bike Maintenance

The company says e-bike is not clutch and gears, while there is no need for more maintenance.

Currently, an e-bike of the company has been introduced to JE 70, which will not spread environmentally friendly, fuel-free, smoking free, unhealthy and pollution.

That is, it is best to save bike fuel and it is specially prepared for Pakistani users.

Jolta Electric Bike Price in Pakistan

There was no official announcement of the cost of this e-bike, but 80 to 90 thousand can likely be between.

Talking to this price, the CEO of Jolta Electric Bike Company, Talking to the Private news agency, said that their motorcycles are exactly 70 cc bikes, the price is 82 thousand 500 rupees. The company is also selling e-scooty for women, which is worth 105000.

What is the difference between Electric Bike and Petrol Bike?

Jolta Electric Bike Company says E-bike can save 4,000 rupees to a common man against petrol motorcycle.

If the Honda CD 70 is taken to the bike of a petrol-driven branded company, it can run at 90 kilometre per hour, while E-bikes will go 60 kilometre per hour.

According to a report, claimed that a unit provided by companies like their manufactured motorcycle electricity will be charged in electricity. A unit power cost is between 17 to 25 rupees. A person will get about 80 to 100 kilometre in more than 25 rupees.