Loki and Simpsons Crossover Short Film Disney +

Fans will have the opportunity to see a very unique story: one where he will join Loki and The Simpsons in a short film for Disney +. Through its social networks, Marvel confirmed that The Good, the Bart, and the Loki, the title that this crossover carries, will come to streaming on July 7.

Loki and Simpsons Crossover Short Film Disney +
The Simpsons announce a new crossover with Loki for Disney +. Tom Hiddleston will voice the animated character. Photo: Marvel 

What will we see in the Loki and The Simpsons special?

The short follows Loki (voiced by Tom Hiddleston) as he is banished from Asgard and has to face his toughest opponents yet: the Simpsons and the citizens of Springfield. The "God of Mischief" will join Bart in a story that promises to pay tribute to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In a first preview, Disney + published a poster in which it parodies the Avengers: endgame poster. Here we see Lisa turned into Thor, Bart as Thanos, Millhouse as Hawkeye, Ned Flanders as Ant-Man, Ralph Wiggum as Hulk, Barney as Iron Man, and Carl as Nick Fury, among others.

This is the second short where ‘The House of the Mouse’ unites the franchises that it has under its power. The Star Wars-themed The Force Awakens from Its Nap starred Maggie Simpson.

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Loki, new episode: What does the post credits scene of chapter 4 mean?

The Loki series continues to generate a lot of noise with each chapter that is released and this time it is no exception, chapter 4 of the series has already reached the Disney + platform and here we tell you all the details with spoilers.

What does the post credits scene in chapter 4 mean?

A surprise the size of Galactus is seen in the post credits scene of the Loki series, as it is discovered that people who are "pruned" do not die, they are only taken to another world, and as soon as Loki wakes up in this new semi place destroyed where you can even see what remains of the Avengers tower in the background, the god of lies is in front of 4 variants of him who seemed to be waiting for him.

Who is Kang?

Kang the Conqueror is a time-traveling villain in the comics, so he is related to this series is because of the character of Ravonna, in many timelines, the partner of this villain is Ravonna herself and since it has been revealed that the Time Keepers were androids, it means the TVA was created by someone else.

What happened in Loki chapter 4?

The chapter begins with a flashback in Asgard where Sylvie is observed in her childhood while the TVA appears and arrests her for crimes against the sacred timeline and once in the barracks she manages to escape by stealing the TemPad from Ravonna, who at that time was a minute hand and not one of the highest authorities of the TVA. Back in Laminitis Loki and Sylvie prepare to die when two portals open and are taken back to TVA as prisoners, then B-15 frees Sylvie to explain what he did to her head because she sees things that he does not remember, he is realizing that the Guardians did not make it but that it was a reset variant as well as everyone in the time agency and as soon as Ravonna takes Sylvie and Loki in front of the Guardians B15 he frees them and after a fight with several minute hands and wins kill one of the time protectors but the surprise is that they are not real, they are just androids and Loki is pruned.

When will the new chapter of Loki come out?

Every Wednesday there will be a new chapter of Loki being the next one the penultimate.