Who is Lady Loki and why she is so important Marvel Cinematic Universe

Lady Loki Marvel Cinematic Universe

Lady Loki debuts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

With the release of the second episode of Loki, we finally have confirmation: Sophia Di Martino plays Lady Loki, a female version of the God of Deception.

Lady Loki had never appeared on screen before (apart from an enigmatic cameo at the end of the first episode), but comic fans will already be familiar with this particular incarnation of Thor's brother.

Using his shapeshifting skills, Loki has taken on many identities over the years, including female ones. In 2008, in particular, he took on a female form for a long time.

After reporting on the events of Ragnarok between 2006 and 2009 between the Civil War and Avengers Publications: Initiative (specifically Nos. 20 and 21) Thor has launched a search aimed at finding other Asgardians. After searching for Hemdall and the Three Warriors, he stepped up his search and with the help of Hemdall found dozens of people who had been imprisoned by Destroyer. Loki had rounded up all his former Escardine allies, and Thor had entered the fray and returned all authority to him.

Loki himself was born with female features, claiming he had no plans now that Ragnarok was finished.

Having told Balder that he would never lie again, Loki went on to win the trust of the Asgardians by revealing that he, like Thor, was a son of Odin. Balder didn't believe it, but once he was told he was true by Thor himself, he came to think of Loki as a trustworthy confidant. During the Skrull invasion, he managed to trick a crowd of Asgardians into thinking that Beta Ray Bill was a Skrull imposter (as told in Thor: Secret Invasion # 1)

Lady Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

However, it seems that the Disney + series has changed the origins of the character, introducing Lady Loki as a completely different version of the God of Deception.

If TVA is to be believed, it appears that this version of Loki is a variant from another timeline and his actions are likely destined to wreak havoc on the Marvel timeline and bring to life the interactions between the multiverse that are so much talked about. in this time.

On the one hand, if things were to be like this, it would certainly be a wasted opportunity for Marvel Studios to deal with and explore the sexuality of Loki, an openly genderfluid character. Ultimately, the series will deal with the theme of self-acceptance.

On the other hand, it is a choice that allows you to explore new horizons and paths never traveled in the MCU, also given the presence of further versions of Loki that we will see in the next few episodes.

Only time will tell if this female version of Loki is truly an enemy as we seem to understand from the second episode of the series or if there is more to discover.