Exams will not be postponed or cancelled this year, Shafqat Mehmood

Talking to reporters at a function in Lahore, the Federal Minister for Education said that not only the examinations were cancelled last year but also all the children passed but this year all the federal units have decided not to give grades without examinations.

Exams will not be postponed or cancelled this year
Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood talking to reports during a function in Lahore

Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood, while advising students across the country to prepare for the exams, said that the exams will not be postponed or cancelled this year.

He said that A and O level examinations have been held and in the next few days 9th to 12th class examinations will be held and directed the students to continue their studies as the examinations will not be postponed or cancelled.

He added that the children should continue to prepare for the exams and some children who are hoping that the exams may be cancelled will not do so as it has been decided unanimously by all the provinces and federal units and by the board. Will be on the announced schedule.

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Shafqat Mehmood said that I would advise all the children to continue their education and not to listen to rumours exams will be held as per the date sheet given by the board and it will be applicable all over the country. I would have.

He said that there are 29 boards in the country, they have issued their date sheets and the examination will be held accordingly.

Summer Vacations

Asked about summer vacations, the education minister said, "We have given the provinces the option to decide whether or not to take summer vacations and decide according to the situation."

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He said that Punjab province has made its decision regarding summer vacation. We are going to close schools in Islamabad from July 18, so this time the situation is extraordinary and whatever the province decides on this is fine.

He said that the closure of schools has caused a lot of damage to education so schools should be reopened as much as possible without endangering the health of the children keeping in view the weather conditions.

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It may be recalled that Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood had announced in early June last year that students of class 9th to 12th would appear for the examinations in elective subjects only and these examinations would be held from July 10.