Alizeh Shah and Imran Abbas marriage is just a 'rumour'

Actress Alizeh Shah says that she is not interested in getting married yet, she has a lot of work to do to make her career.

Alizeh Shah and Imran Abbas marriage
A few days ago, rumors of Alizeh Shah and Imran Abbas getting married had spread

Aliza Shah spoke briefly with actor Ali Safina during the Hum Style Awards rehearsal about the rumours circulating about her marriage.

The video was shared on the Instagram of Hum Style Awards, in which Alizeh Shah can be seen in a rehearsal dress.

In the video, Ali Safina asked the actress about the rumours circulating about her and also asked her about marriage and at the same time the actress gave an interesting answer.

In response to a question, the actress said that the impression that it is difficult to work with them is wrong because sometimes the co-actors do not get chemistry with each other that is why it is considered.

The actress said that the shooting set is like home and all the people present there are like family and just as one can never talk to mother or father at home, so also some people on the shooting sets are not talked to.

The actress smiled when she was called the Billie Eilish of Pakistan and said that it is not so and she has no interest in becoming Billie Eilish. However, she likes the American pop singer very much and she has listened to all her songs.

Asked about shortening her hair, Alizeh Shah said that her hair is her strength and she feels strong with all kinds of hair.

Alizeh Shah laughed at the rumours of her marriage to actor Imran Abbas and said that she was not married to him and it was not known who had spread rumours about her.

It may be recalled that Alizeh Shah had recently started singing after her performance and released the song 'Badnaamiyan' with Sahir Ali Baga, in which she was also criticized for her bold dress.

Alizeh Shah started her career at an early age in 2016 with the drama 'Chhoti Si Zindagi'. She has acted in about a dozen dramas and a film 'Superstar'.