YouTuber Zaid Ali and Yumna reveal the gender of their first child

YouTuber Zaid Ali and Yumna

Social media star Zaid Ali and his wife Yumna Zaid announced their child gender few weeks before the birth of their first child.

Zaid Ali and Yumna Zaid confirmed in January this year that they were expecting their first child.

The Canadian-based YouTuber Star had a family-friendly wedding in 2017.

Zaid Ali's wife Yamna Zaid also used to blog, but after the marriage, they both make several videos together.

Although both of them spend most of their time in Canada, they also keep coming to Pakistan while their videos are very popular in Pakistan.

The couple had announced in social media posts a few days ago that they were going to hold a party in which they would announce the gender of the child.

YouTuber Zaid Ali announced the gender of the child on June 22 by sharing a video of the child's gender party on his YouTube channel.

His close friends, including Zaid's parents, also attended the party, while YouTuber's parents said that when they were young, such gender parties were not held.

According to the father of the YouTuber, although in the past medical science had not developed enough to confirm the gender of a child, later the gender was known through ultrasound but the gender of the child was not announced.

Guests attending the YouTuber's child gender party were divided into two groups,

  • 1st group wanting a daughter.
  •  2nd group wanting a son.

At the end of the video, Zaid Ali announced the gender of the baby and thanked them for having their first son.

After sharing the gender video of the child, Yamna Zaid explained in her Instagram post that son or daughter is all God's will, just whoever is healthy.

After the announcement of the gender of the child by YouTube, many people also congratulated him.

In the video, Zaid Ali said he would have a child soon, but did not give a date.