The Law is Necessary For Protecting Trees in Karachi, Specialists

The Law is Necessary For Protecting Trees in Karachi

Sharing experts have said that any security campaign in Karachi could not succeed as long as the government does not have any legislation related to the protection of trees and planting.

According to the report, experts expressed their opinion about the starting campaign to improve vegetables in Karachi.


Researcher Dr. Zafar Iqbal Shams

Teacher and researcher Dr. Zafar Iqbal Shams in the Institute of Institute of Institute of Karachi University, said that with a temporary or non-scientific procedure, positive and durable results can not come back.


He said that public places should follow the full plan for consumers, which means studying land and soil characteristics and details about site urban system infrastructure and underground systems.


He emphasized that the public participation, including relevant stakeholders for this purpose is necessary to play an important role in ensuring planting sustainability.


He said that if these factors were ignored, the plants will either die or become unstable, such as money, time and energy will be lost.


How many kilometers is Karachi's green square?

Jamil Kazmi, Prof. Jamil Kazmi, Prof. Jamil Kazmi, Prof. Jamil Kazmi, said that the city spread 570 square kilometers in 1998 to 570 square kilometers, due to which cultivation and farming cultivation and the agriculture sector was expanding.


He said that in 2018 and 2019 (inside the city), it was 260 square kilometers that remains approximately 50 percent.


He said that the lack of water on the ground level, due to the extract of sand and concrete from the edge of the stream, the agricultural area decreased.


The trees should be saved under the law

Prof. Jamil Kazmi said that the vegetable in the city could only increase the environmentally friendly behavior if the trees are protected under the law.


He said that thousands of trees are cut off due to various development projects and a few hundred plants are planted as alternatives.


He said that we either see foreigners' plants or breeds that are not suitable for any particular land and the result is disappointed.


The Government of Sindh to plant palm trees on the University Road

In this regard, Professor Jamil Kazmi recently referred to the government to plant palm trees on the University Road, which has 90% of the trees.


He said that the palm trees were brought to Khairpur.


Dr. Zafar Iqbal Shams said that coordinates and yolktets should be planned with proper planning and maintenance, they can help improve soil issues in the area.


People's Party demands an investigation of Mango trees in Multan

The Pakistan People's Party (PPP) defenses the Housing Society in Multan for the last few years to harvest mango gardens and expressed serious reservations on reports to convert civil property.


In this regard, former Senator and PPP's Secretary General Farhatullah Khan Babar, said that 'Mango-gardens and fields have an impact on agriculture, nutritional protection and environment to change in urban property.


The leader PPP expressed regret over the information that thousands of mangoes have been cut off, they also said that it reports that the land of mango gardens have acquired Housing Schemes for Housing Schemes Is annoying.


Secretary General Peoples Party said that the plan to protect agricultural land and fruit gardens with transparent inquiry is also very important.


Remember that the agricultural land in Multan, especially for the harvesting of mango gardens and their land are used to be used for the construction of housing society for the last several days.