PTCL, stay home, stay digital

PTCL, stay home, stay digital

The third wave of Covid-19 has hit Pakistan hard and it is spreading very fast due to various changes and other factors

As cases of the coronavirus increase, the government is taking the toughest lockdown measures to protect the public. However, Pakistanis are also adapting to the situation.

Steps were taken by other companies such as PTCL to stay home and use digital technology for prompt payment of bills for the convenience of consumers in the corporate sector especially to make citizens safer across the country.

PTCL Wants To Keep The Nation In Touch

As a national company, PTCL's commitment to keeping the nation in touch is commendable and cannot be denied. No one could have imagined or imagined this since the outbreak began. That is what is going to happen. At such a time, the front-line workers of the national telecom company, playing the role of heroes, maintained blackout coordination in all corners of the country.

PTCL enables business people to continue their business under the Work Work Home Policies, enables students to continue their education virtually, and allows families to spend time together through films and games during the lockdown. Gave a chance to roam and stay in touch with their loved ones.

PTCL creates a digital front to meet customer needs through its website and mobile applications

  • Users can order products by visiting these websites
  • Users can change their existing packages

They can ask for any kind of help and even pay their bills through the PTCL website and mobile applications (available on Android and Apple).

The Company has developed a separate website for its FTTH Users

The company has developed a separate website for its FTTH customers called PTCL Flash Fiber. This is a major effort of PTCL as it empowers consumers. Use their services for easy online money transfers for your safety.

Do not leave the home to pay for groceries or other activities that could expose them to the virus. Pakistan's corporate sector has always played a leading role whenever it comes to the welfare of the people of the country. PTCL has always been one of the important institutions and has always given priority to the welfare of its customers.

The company has come up with innovative digital solutions to keep its customers fully accessible and accessible during the toughest lockdowns during Corona. PTCL's customers are not limited to these personalities. Those who do business but also perform duties for government agencies, which means that PTCL is serving the whole nation in one way or another.

Given the priority of consumers and the uncertainty created by the global epidemic, PTCL's slogan for its customers is to stay at home and benefit from digital technology as a nation because it takes time and we need an epidemic now. The risk of spreading needs to be minimized.

Social media services across Pakistan were restored after a four-hour shutdown

Social media platforms across the country, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, and WhatsApp, were shut down. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, and other social media apps fully restored in Islamabad

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) shut down social media platforms across the country for a few hours. The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) had closed social media platforms across the country for four hours today on the directive of the Interior Ministry.