Karachi's Famous Area 'Denso Hall' Turned Into Walking Street

Karachi's Famous Area 'Denso Hall' Turned Into Walking Street

Denso Hall, a well-known commercial area in the Old Area of Karachi, the capital of Sindh province, was also closed to normal traffic and turned into a walking street.

According to the report, the walking street of Denso Hall has been named as Landscape Passage and it was developed by the cultural welfare organization with the help of various organizations.

The Heritage Foundation of Pakistan has converted Denso Hall Passage into Walking Street as part of a plan to preserve Karachi's old areas and ancient buildings.

About 150 trees were also planted there on February 28 to mark the conversion of the Denso Hall area to Walking Street.

In the passage, models of 12 ancient buildings of Karachi have also been placed so that pedestrians can enjoy the ancient culture of Karachi.

Under the project, special tiles made by women have been installed in Mukli to prepare the walking street.

The women who made the beautiful tiles in Mukli were also earlier trained by the Heritage Foundation of Pakistan to make tiles.

In this regard, the head of the Heritage Foundation of Pakistan Yasmeen Lari said that the special thing about the tiles made in Mukli is that cement was not used in them but the said tiles were made from raw materials of clay, sand and stone. Have gone

According to him, while the tiles are beautiful in appearance, they also represent the culture, while before the manufacture of these tiles, they were also tested in laboratories in Switzerland and Italy.

Before Denso Hall was converted into Walking Street, trees were planted there, and on February 28, more trees were planted with the help of organizations such as Rotary Club Pakistan and Star Links.

Regarding the conversion of Denso Hall to Walking Street, Yasmeen Larry said that all the wires and poles had been removed from the area before the project began so that they would not impede the growth of trees.

He said that for the Walking Street project, he has received good help from the office of Karachi Kashmir, while businessmen and shopkeepers of Denso Hall area also helped him and the locals are also very happy that the traffic in the area has increased. It has been closed to traffic and converted into Walking Street.

Another 150 trees were planted on February 28 to mark the conversion of Denso Hall to Walking Street, and Shehzad Qureshi of the Urban Forest Clifton Project was also present.

Residents of the area and Denso Hall shopkeepers and other business people also expressed happiness over the conversion of the area into Walking Street.