WhatsApp steps up efforts to address concerns over the new policy

WhatsApp steps up efforts to address concerns over the new policy

WhatsApp has now started using the status update page around the world to get its message across to users.

Now the world's most popular messaging service in the United States and the United Kingdom has begun to inform consumers of its commitment to privacy through status.

Facebook's proprietary messaging app has come under fire since WhatsApp introduced a new policy in January, and millions have turned to alternative services.

WhatsApp said in the first status message that one thing that is not new is our commitment to privacy, WhatsApp cannot read or listen to your private conversations, because it is end-to-end encrypted.

The messages are part of WhatsApp and Facebook's efforts to allay users' concerns about the new policy.

The new policy leaves consumers with no choice but to accept the privacy policy or stop using the WhatsApp.

However, after strong consumer response, the policy will be implemented on May 15 instead of February 8.

WhatsApp wrote in a blog post in January: "We've heard from many people about how confused they are about the new update, there are so many misleading details and we want everyone to One is to know our principles and facts.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg also recently reacted to the new policy.

He said, "To clear up the confusion, we want to make it clear that this update does not change the privacy of any user's messages”.

Mark Zuckerberg said, "All messages are end-to-end encrypted, which means we can't see or hear them”. We can never do that unless the user shares the messages themselves, and the hosting of business messages in our structure is when businesses themselves choose it.

WhatsApp's new status stories are part of the company's consumer awareness campaign.

At the moment, these statuses will be very rare, but in the coming days, their number will increase.

Through these messages, consumers will be made more aware of the company's new policy before May and efforts will be made to allay their concerns.