Nowadays, Facebook users need to be very careful

Nowadays, Facebook users need to be very careful

Pakistanis are also being targeted by counterfeiters these days regarding online fraud

The recent incident in Lahore is a living example for us, in which, a young Pakistani man sold his motorcycle as well as his wife's jewellery at the request of a foreign woman. at the same time, however, the young man regained consciousness, otherwise his valuable money would have been wasted and he would not have been a so-called friend.

A few days ago in Lahore, a man named Nadeem had spent more than Rs 27 lac on an American woman. Then another case came to light in which Salman Shah of Lahore was wasting his time without thinking as well as wasting his family's jewellery and money. But then at the last moment, he read the news of fraud with Nadeem and they became cautious and avoided further losses.

According to the details, Salman Shah had befriended a foreign woman on Facebook who would automatically offer him 20 lac dollars and trap him and which they had planned. But the procedure was old but this time the character changed.

That is, the same Facebook, the same foreign woman, the same pleasant surprise in case of a friendship request, the same chat and then the same so-called friendship and then they offer to send money from outside for no reason and then it's Instead of the expense of the young man sitting here.

The woman told a story of her illness and then told Salman that she wanted to give him 20 lac dollars and that she had made a parcel of that money and by writing Salman's postal address on it, the whole matter has been prepared. Now it is too late to send the parcel.

Salman told SAMAA that when he came face to face with the woman on a video call, he remained silent as he did not know much English and spoke in gestures, after which the woman said her name was Mrs Dorothy, apparently with her hands. Sent a video showing some wounds.

Then the woman said that she is very ill but she has 2 lac dollars which she wants to give to Salman. He had prepared a parcel, a picture of which he sent to Salman, on which Mrs Dorothy wrote instead of the sender. Salman's name and address were listed at the recipient's place. Apparently, the 20 lac dollars parcel was well prepared.

But then there was a twist in the story which was that Salman would have to pay a fee for this parcel worth crores of Pakistani rupees which would be a little more than one thousand dollars and a half lakh Pakistanis.

So, in this scam, Salman collected money by selling his motorcycle, his wife's jewellery and some other household items and it was only a matter of time before the money was sent that Salman's eyes fell on the news of Nadeem's case and he survived this fraud.