TikToker Rabeeca Khan got emotional at her engagement

tiktoker rabeeca khan crying engagement
Tik-toker Rabeeca Khan got emotional during the engagement 

The Video of TikToker Rabeeca Khan crying on her engagement has gone viral

Rabeeca Khan and YouTuber Hussain Tareen got engaged on May 26, with photos and videos shared by both on social media.

TikToker, model and actress Rebekah Khan has been hailed as a drama queen by her fans after videos of her emotionally crying with her father on her engagement went viral.

The couple confirmed their engagement by sharing engagement videos and photos, with fans and showbiz personalities congratulating and wishing them well.

Tik-toker Rabeeca Khan got emotional during the engagement and cried clinging to dad comedian Kashif Khan, whose videos went viral on social media.

In a short viral video of Rabeeca Khan crying on the occasion of her engagement, she can be seen hugging her father and crying after getting emotional on stage.

After the video of TikToker crying on the occasion of engagement went viral, social media users criticized her and called her drama queen.

Most of the users expressed their surprise that why she is crying on the occasion of engagement? And People termed her crying as drama and her act of crying was an attempt to get attention.

Some users commented that Rabeeca Khan was crying at the engagement, as if she was leaving her home and going to her in-laws.